Thursday, May 16, 2013

Event Sponsorship Opportunities: ISTE Unplugged, STEMxCon, GlobalEdCon, Library 2.013, & More!

I run a number of physical and virtual events under the umbrella of Web 2.0 Labs ( They are based on a belief in the power of educators being able to connect and learn from each other, and combined they had 100,000+ attendees last year.

All of these events are free to attend, but they are not free to put on, so this email is the pitch to those who potentially have sponsorship budgets: we need you! Please consider being a sponsor at one of the events, or passing this email on to someone you think might be able to help. Thanks!

Current and Upcoming:

  • The Future of Education ( interview series. Over 350 interview recordings are posted at the site, and the great guests continue. Multiple hour-long conversations happen weekly with folks like Sir Ken Robinson, Yong Zhao, and Michael Fullan; as well as with in-the-trenches educators forging new ground. This show, run with a live online audience, provides great visibility!
  • ISTE Unplugged (see A set of special activities before and during the ISTE conference, starting with the all day "Hack Education" unconference on Saturday, June 22nd. In our seventh year, this event (previously called EduBloggerCon) kicks off a lot of fun, alternative, social-media-oriented activities that have developed a great reputation, including the bloggers' cafe and the global education summit. Edutopia has stepped in as a major sponsor for ISTE Unplugged this year (thanks to them for the support again!), but we would love more sponsors and we're also looking for one more key sponsor for the Saturday evening party that was such a hit last year (thanks to C. Blohm and Associates, StudyBlue, and Startup Weekend EDU). We're also just about to announce that we'll be helping to promote a "Women in Ed Tech" dinner through ISTE Unplugged as well, and that should bring some appropriate publicity.
  • ISTE T-Shirts. For the last few years I've had a special t-shirt made up for ISTE that we start distributing Saturday and that was thematic for the conference. Two years ago it was a great "Teacher 2.0" t-shirt that Blackboard provided. Last year it was the conference t-shirt for the virtual "Learning 2.0" conference held during Connected Educator Month. This year I have a really, really fun idea for t-shirts, but to pull it off we'd need someone ready to make a few thousand shirts and with an adventurous spirit. I think we could make a huge splash with this... :)
  • STEMxCon (now live at This first-year worldwide virtual conference on STEM-expanded has the backing of HP and ISTE already, and was schedule for July but is now being slotted for September 19 - 21. This is going to be a big deal, and like my other virtual events will be a hugely inclusive event. Lucy Gray, HP's Jim Vanides are the conference co-chairs.
  • Library 2.013 ( The third year of this global, virtual conference on the future of libraries and librarianship again has anchor sponsorship from San Jose State University, and will run October 18 - 19. An outgrowth of the Library 2.0 social network with 16,000 members, the conference is now considered by many to be the biggest and most visible annual event in the library world.
  • The 2013 Global Education Conference ( Our five-day, 24-hour a day massive online event, with 400+ sessions and way-cool keynotes, will be November 18 - 22. Co-chaired by Lucy Gray.
Still in Planning Stages (but happy to talk about and looking for good anchor partners):
  • OzELive, the virtual conference for all educators "down under" in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific. Currently being planned for this August!
  • The Worldwide Homeschool Conference. This virtual conference is still being scheduled, but should be a huge event.
  • Learning 2.0 (, to be run again during Connected Educator Month. Last year was blockbuster.
  • Gaming in Ed 
  • Future of Museums
  • Rethinking Higher Ed
  • 2014 School Leadership Summit ( - March 27th, with TICAL on board again--hurrah!
Thanks for considering any support! Just email me at and I can provide any details that might be needed.

Cheers, and see you online!

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