Thursday, January 17, 2013

ISTE 2013 "Unplugged" + Hack Education 2013

ISTE Unplugged is a series of independent events that take place in, around, and with the support of the annual ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference.

Boy, have we got some fun this year! (Hint: look at the "unplugged keynotes" section below.)

All of these events are free and do not require signing up (except maybe the Saturday night party--keep a watch on my blog or at at, so come join us. The Global Education Summit and the Bloggers' Cafe do require that you are actually attending ISTE--and a HUGE thanks to ISTE for making all of this possible!

Saturday, June 22rd - HACK EDUCATION 2013: Audrey Watters of Hack Education co-chairs our all-day flagship event this year, as we yet again rebrand our "unconference" on teaching and learning (originally EduBloggerCon and called SocialEdCon last year). In our seventh year, this event typically draws 200 - 300 participants from around the world. We start by building a session schedule together and then spend the rest of the day in engaged conversations around amazing topics.

Saturday, June 22nd Evening - AFTER PARTY!: After a banner inaugural partner last year, we'll again have an unconference "After Party" from 7 - 9pm.  More details to come!

Sunday, June 23rd Afternoon - GLOBAL EDUCATION SUMMIT: Another return event, the Global Ed Summit is a 3-hour mini-conference organized by Lucy Gray and me for those interested in globally-connecting students and teachers, and a physical followup to the hugely popular online Global Education Conference.

Monday, June 24 - Wednesday, June 26th - UNPLUGGED KEYNOTES: Still in planning stages, this year we are planning a set of pre-dinner short keynotes by some exceptional folks who've strangely never been asked to keynote the actual ISTE conference. Get ready! 

Monday, June 24 - Wednesday, June 26th - THE BLOGGERS' CAFE: Also in it's seventh year now, the Bloggers' Cafe is an informal, couch-chairs-floor gathering area in the conference center for bloggers, social media mavens, and anyone else who wants to find and connect with others. A beehive of constant activity and conversation, the Bloggers' Cafe makes it hard to go do anything else once you discover it.

Those interested in sponsoring ISTE Unplugged or a specific event should contact me direct at

Spread the word, and hope to see you there!

(2012 in San Diego)


  1. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to my first ISTE!

  2. Emilia Carrillo6:16 AM

    Hi Steve! Thanks for the info! Where is this taking place? Is there virtual streaming?


  3. Emilia: ISTE is in San Antonio, TX, this year. No plan for streaming at this point--maybe the only thing we could easily stream would be the "keynotes." Will post links or information here if we do that.


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