Tuesday, October 02, 2012

February 2013 - The Educator 2.0 Tour in Australia

Join me in Australia in February of 2013, where I'll be doing a series of workshops, masterclasses, and consultancies in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. The Educator 2.0 Tour is part of the Vanguard Visions' "Digital Capability - Doing it Smarter" program, and I hope you'll consider participating with us if that is your part of the world!

The workshops are full-day hands-on events which will explore these trends of the education revolution--which is demanding even more from our educational institutions and from educators. At the same time, the Web is providing amazing new opportunities for educators, including the ability to explore their own interests and passions, to build personal learning networks (PLNs) for peer-to-peer learning, and to have a new significant impact on their learners, their organizations, and their own careers. The workshop activities will enable educators, as the "lead learners", to build educational resources for their students, themselves, and their institutions.

Conducted as a blended approach to professional development, the Educator 2.0 full-day workshops will include post-event online meetings, together with networking and forums discussions.

Alternatively, organisations can choose to engage me for individual and customised full or half-day masterclasses or consultancies for your own staff/organisations. See the website for potential dates and contact information. Download the Educator 2.0 Australian Tour flyer for more information.
"...if we engage and participate and build, we have a very different experience than if we're just followers" 

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