Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday - Tom Vander Ark on Getting Smart

Join me today, Thursday, September 27th, for a one-hour live and interactive interview with Tom Vander Ark on his book, Getting Smart: How Digital Learning is Changing the World. Tom is founder of, and also CEO of Open Education Solutions and a partner in Learn Capital, a venture capital firm investing in learning content, platforms, and services with the goal of transforming educational engagement, access, and effectiveness. Previously he served as President of the X PRIZE Foundation and was the Executive Director of Education for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where he implemented $3.5 billion in scholarship and grant programs. Tom was the first business executive to serve as public school superintendent in Washington State. A prolific writer and speaker, Tom has published thousands of articles and blogs. In December 2006, Newsweek readers voted Tom the most influential baby boomer in education.

Date: Thursday, September 27th, 2012
Time: 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern (international times here)
Duration: 1 hour
Location: In Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). Log in at The Blackboard Collaborate room will be open up to 30 minutes before the event if you want to come in early. To make sure that your computer is configured for Blackboard Collaborate, please visit the support and configuration page.
Recordings: The full Blackboard Collaborate recording is at and a portable .mp3 recording is at
Mightybell Space: Resources, videos, links, and conversation about the interview can be found HERE.

From "In our digital age, students have dramatically new learning needs and must be prepared for the idea economy of the future. In Getting Smart, well-known global education expert Tom Vander Ark examines the facets of educational innovation in the United States and abroad. Vander Ark makes a convincing case for a blend of online and onsite learning, shares inspiring stories of schools and programs that effectively offer 'personal digital learning' opportunities, and discusses what we need to do to remake our schools into 'smart schools.'

  • "Examines the innovation-driven world, discusses how to combine online and onsite learning, and reviews 'smart tools' for learning
  • "Investigates the lives of learning professionals, outlines the new employment bargain, examines online universities and 'smart schools'
  • "Makes the case for smart capital, advocates for policies that create better learning, studies smart cultures"

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  1. Tashana Johnson1:59 PM

    Steve Hargadon, I have been following your blog for the last two weeks and I absolutely love it! You have given readers around the country the opportunity to look at experience educational articles. Your blog on Tom Vander Ark was amazing! I looked at his video on the discussion of his book "Getting Smart" and it was great! Since I am in graduate school, all of my classes have been online. For him to give people tips and the importance of online communities was just amazing! I am thinking about ordering his book so I can have it as a reference in the future.


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