Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Politics, Big Business, and Ed Tech

Tell us what you thought about or figured out, try to convince us of the value of your ideas, then let us decide.

Do not ask us what we think, or watch what we care about, and then try to match your rhetoric to our authentic passion just to get us to buy or endorse you.

The value comes first, otherwise you're playing a game.  Whether in politics or educational technology products.

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  1. Hello Steve,

    Ben with M2teach, I wish i could share all the krypton Re-magination education plans online, Yet the basic truth: people, big companies Steal! : the internet leaks and manipulates information.

    Anyway,My main agenda is creating lasting life learning digital skills and social digital skill-sets JOBS. Reducing school k99 cost by a factor of 10x, using digital technologies to automate bureaucratic systems / structures.
    Yes, this even includes starting my own hacker space school for teachers and parents open 24/7.
    Lastly; this is not all about STEM, this is about niceness,teamwork and morale leadership imaginations. Hint : Big picture school + digital + Daniel Pink / Tom Peters + Top Tech 100 = 21st digital education and jobs! my bad### goal! 60 million new jobs, +40% female CEO and or entrepreneurial and more...
    peace out,


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