Thursday, December 08, 2011

Edublog Award Nominations and Time to Vote!

Voting is now open for the 2011 Edublog Awards. The nominations are up, and you can vote until 11:59pm US Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, December 13th.

Here are the Steve Hargadon / Web 2.0 Labs projects that were nominated, with some encouragement to vote in these and all the categories!

Classroom 2.0, which has received several nominations over the years and won twice, is on the list again.  At 62,000 members, and pretty much the grandaddy of Ning social networking in education, it's still fun to see how it opens the door to seeing the value of social networking for professional development. Vote for it or one of the other great networks HERE.

Not making the cut this year but still worth visiting I think are: The Teacher 2.0 Mightybell social learning experience and Ning network, Aula 2.0 (huge contributors to the Global Education Conference), and Library 2.0 (which grew from 5,000 to 12,500 members this year).

I was actually really sorry to see these categories lumped together this year, as they seem so different to me--at least the Unconference and Webinar Series. Nominated are:

Classroom 2.0 Live. This is the terrific Saturday show with Peggy George, Kim Caise, and Lorna Constantini. Great work, ladies!

Future of Education. This is my complete professional indulgence: find interesting people and interview them. A great, great body of thinkers and doers.

The Global Education Conference. Lucy Gray and I teamed up again for another amazing five days of sessions worldwide. An unbelievable volunteer effort this year, combined with great sessions and an AMAZING keynote lineup Lucy put together.

Library 2.011. A first-year virtual conference with the support of the San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science. Incredible all the way around.

To vote in this category for one of the above or one of the other GREAT nominees, go HERE. It was very fun for me to note that I helped provide Elluminate/Collaborate resources for five others of the nominees:, Reform Symposium, Australia Series, TL Virtual Cafe, and Tech Talk Tuesdays. Way to go, folks!

Not in the final nominations in this category, to my great surprise and profound disappointment, was EduBloggerCon, the all-day unconference before ISTE that I like to think really started the unconference (and some regular conference) movement in ed tech. :(  ISTEunplugged, also something I'm proud of, didn't make it either.

I am nominated in this category--I was hoping I had a fighting chance until I saw the incredible list. :) To vote, go HERE.

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