Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SXSWEDU Collaboration Ideas

Thanks to Jennifer Openshaw and Karen Fasimpaur I'm thinking about SXSWEDU (http://www.sxswedu.com/). Anyone want to work together on any of the following ideas?

  • School 2.0: Teachers as the Critical Groundswell for the Future of Education
  • Open Source Software in Education: Why It's Been a Non-Starter
  • Hack Your Education: If and When Students Should Be Calling the Shots
  • Technology, Pedagogy, and the Lure of the Silver Bullet: The Fatal Blindness of Ed Tech VC
  • Learning 2.0: The Impact of Cognitive Science on Education
Proposals are due October 1, so email me or comment here posthaste!  :)


  1. Sent you an email. Talk soon!
    Lisa Dabbs

  2. Count me in! Sort of leaning towards the silver bullet - both personal interest and I think that would be of interest to the audience.

  3. Steve, I would love to participate with you (and a collaborative group) on your first selection, Teacher 2.0 (the groundswell.) I believe this is what will eventually happen, hopefully before it feels like others are responsible. Other choice would be working with VCs (and I have experience in that area as well.)
    Best, Donna

  4. Hi, Steve:
    I am really interested in the lack of VC in EdTech. If you move forward in that direction, please let me know.


    Kyle Brumbaugh

  5. I am writing a blog post about collaboration, Steve. This is an excellent example of inviting collaboration. How did it work out for you? How do you employ collaboration generally?

  6. @susan: this ended up generating plenty of good contact, enough to submit three sessions to SXSWedu. If you like collaboration, you'll love GlobalEdCon.com and how we run that!


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