Thursday, May 12, 2011

Open Education Conference Submissions Due - Let's Bring K-12 to This Event!

David Wiley's Open Education Conference this year is in beautiful Park City, Utah, October 25 - 27. I've been aware of this annual conference for a few years now, and wondered why it wasn't more on the radar of the Open Source-y / Ed Tech folks in our community. So after interviewing David for the interview series, I reached out to him about my encouraging more K-12 involvement, and he was enthusiastically supportive.  From the website:
The field of open education includes a wide diversity of participants. Open educational resources and services are provided by both individuals and institutions. Open education initiatives are created both at the grassroots and by governments. While some open education thought leaders style themselves as revolutionaries, others work as reformers. Some people want open education experiences that result in credentials, while others are interested in developing competencies. This dynamic body of work is the context in which participants in the field of open education situate their efforts.

The Open Education 2011 conference brings together this broad diversity of people to discuss the state of the art in open education and facilitate creative conversations across a wide variety of perspectives. Keynote speakers will address topics ranging from major government initiatives to efforts directed toward replacing traditional institutions.

The Open Education Conference has been described as “the annual reunion of the open education family.” Each year the conference serves as the world’s premiere venue for research and development related to open education, while simultaneously creating the most friendly and energetic atmosphere you’ll find at any academic conference.
I want to be a part of this family, so I'm going to go! And I think you should, too! I've already submitted a proposal to facilitate an Questioning Our Assumptions session (my proposed topic:  "What are the cognitive / cultural barriers to openness, and how does understanding them help to promote broader openness?").

Proposals for traditional presentations, poster presentations / software demonstrations, and "questioning our assumptions" sessions are due by Monday, May 16th.  It's an easy submission form.  Whether you decide to submit to present or not, I hope you'll mark your calendar to be there!

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