Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Looking for Opportunities or Sponsorship

As the Social Learning Consultant for Elluminate, I've had a terrific two-year, full-time association with a company I have loved and a product I deeply believe in. But change inevitably comes, and the acquisition of Elluminate and Wimba by Blackboard last year has freed up some of my time, since Elluminate's community marketing efforts are largely being absorbed into the larger Blackboard family.

While I'm still working part-time for Blackboard on's community management (including the close-to-my-heart "Host Your Own Webinar" program), I'm now branching out and looking for additional engagements and sponsorship. I've created a website for this purpose at, where the different community-based projects for education that I've started are listed: including the award-winning Classroom 2.0 network, Future of Education interview series, and Global Education Conference. All have at their heart collaboration, openness, and conversation--reflecting my strong belief that participation and engagement in education and specifically in professional development are not just important, but crucial.

I hope you'll visit to give me feedback or to reach out and partner in some way. You can also learn more about what I do at You can reach me by email at or using the contact form at the Web 2.0 Labs site. If I've made a difference for you personally or professionally in some way and you'd like to contribute a public letter of recommendation, those are also most welcome!

I'm so very appreciative of the work that I've been able to do the last two years at Elluminate. I've been able to work with great people on projects I really believe in, to help people learn about the value of online "synchronous" activities, and to play a role in helping many regular folks hold those activities for free. It's a tremendous organization that has let me represent the company and their product to our community, and our community to them. So, three big cheers for Elluminate, and here's hoping for future opportunities to make a difference in the education world.

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  1. Greatest snow on Earth and surrounded by friends on all sides!

  2. Steve - Thanks for all you have done to create the international community and network. Looking forward to working with you to further the vision.


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