Monday, March 01, 2010

This Week's Live and Interactive Events at LearnCentral

Below are this week's public, free, and interactive webinars through, the social learning network for education that I work on for Elluminate.

The time of the events below will show up automatically in your own time zone when you are registered in LearnCentral and when you have chosen your time zone in your profile. Event recordings are posted and available after the events if you aren't able to attend them live. Be on the lookout for Australia-time-friendly events as part of the new Australia Series!

I also hope you'll consider hosting your own public webinars using the LearnCentral public room--instructions are available by joining the "Host Your Own Webinar" group on the main announcement tab (

Two more quick items:
  1. If you're coming to the CUE Conference or are in the Southern California area, please consider attending EduBloggerCon West in Palm Springs on Wednesday, March 3rd, from 1:00 -  5:00pm.  It's fun and it's free!  More information at  And see below the free live CUE events that will be streamed from the conference.
  2. Our good friends at Wikispaces (who have, by the way, helped sponsor many free teacher events) are looking for some usability testers.  Those interested should email When you email, let them know a little about your experience level with Wikispaces (beginner, intermediate, advanced), and confirm that you can visit their office in San Francisco for about 1 hour during business hours. Testers' reward:  a free year of Super service for a wiki of your choice.

Monday, March 1st
  • 5:00pm Pacific Time (US) / 1:00am (next day) GMT/UTC (international times):
    "School Library Web Presence" in the TL Cafe.  Joyce Valenza and Gwyneth Jones host a discussion of effective practice and essential elements with Carolyn Foote, Buffy Hamilton, and Barbara Jansen.
    LearnCentral Link:
Wednesday, March 3rd
  • 1:00am Pacific Time (US) / 9:00am GMT/UTC (international times):
    Anne Mirtschin hosts eT@lking Tuesdays as part of The Australia Series"Too young to use technology in the classroom?"  Many would argue that children in the earlier years of school are too young to use technology – they just need to concentrate on the 3Rs with writing as the main medium. Wrong! Come meet Amanda Marrinan, from Queensland, Australia who has connected her ‘littlies’ to others around the globe via her class blog. Hear how she got connected, why she connected and the wonderful outcomes it has produced for her class.
    LearnCentral Link:
Wednesday, March 3rd
  • 9:30am Pacific Time (US) / 5:30pm GMT/UTC (international times):
    Shannon Autrey Forte presents Shannon's Bright Ideas Center "Publish! Showcase."   We will look at Best Practices when using Publish! and share Bright Ideas. If you don't have Publish! yet, please get your free trial at "See" you there!
    LearnCentral Link:
Wednesday, March 3rd
Thursday, March 4th
  • ALL DAY:
    Live streaming from the Computer-Using Educators (CUE) Conference in Palm Springs.  Sessions will be streamed from the CUE Unplugged area at, including "Harnessing the Power of Web 2.0+ in School Administration" by Bradford Burns and "Politics and Civic Engagement for Our Digital Generation" by Cheryl Davis
    LearnCentral Link:
Thursday, March 4th
Thursday, March 4th
  • 5:00pm Pacific Time (US) / 11:00pm GMT/UTC (international times):
    (Repeat) Jane Krauss and Suzie Boss host "Better with Practice: PBL Implementation Tips from the Field Session 2."  This is a Webinar series of three sessions in February and March 2010. The second session topic is Keeping Your Project on the Rails. We seek your input in shaping the conversation. Visit
Friday, March 5th
  • ALL DAY:
    Live streaming from the Computer-Using Educators (CUE) Conference in Palm Springs.  Sessions will be streamed from the CUE Unplugged area at, including:  
    • "Building Social Constructivist Learning Environments in Online Settings" with Tammy Stephens, Dr. Lovejoy, and Connie Jaeger 
    • "Including Technology in your Unit Planning Using Understanding by Design (UbD)" by Alice Mercer 
    • Hey, Just Because It Is Online Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Have Field Trips, Right?” by Todd Conaway 
    • "Educational Social Networking for Professional Development" by me
    • "Sugar In Your Classroom. How Sweet It Is!" by Caryl Bigenho

      Formal sessions from the Sierra Room at CUE can be accessed at and will include:
    • "Rigorous Learning through Digital Storytelling" by Cindi Crandall 
    • "Digital Storytelling across the Curriculum" by Arnie Abrams 
    • "Videoconferencing in the Classroom" by  Richard Mellott 
    • "Library of Congress: The Power of Primary Sources" by Esther Kligman-Frey and Debra White.
Saturday, March 6th
  • ALL DAY:
    Live streaming from the Computer-Using Educators (CUE) Conference in Palm Springs. Formal sessions from the Sierra Room at CUE can be accessed at and will include:
    • "Digital Textbook Summit" with expert panelists Brian Bridges, Regan Caruthers, Paul McFall, Robert Onsi, Murugan Pal, and Susan Patrick, Moderator
    • "Rock your Socks with Google Docs" by  Scott Moss
    • "Podcasts and iPod Flash Cards: Study Tools for the 21st Century" by Brent Coley
    • "iCame, iSaw, iTouch" by Cory Robertson
    • "Moodle's Amazing Online Interactive Tools" by Eric Jarvis
Saturday, March 6th
  • 9:00am Pacific Time (US) / 5:00pm GMT/UTC (international times):
    Kim Caise, Peggy George, and Lorna Costantini host the weekly Classroom 2.0 LIVE! show.  This week:  "Sweet Search Engine for Students" with special guest Mark Moran.
Saturday, March 6th
Thanks for your attention, and see you online!

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