Monday, February 22, 2010

This Week's Live and Interactive Events

Below are this week's public, free, and interactive webinars through, the social learning network for education that I work on for Elluminate

The time of the events below will show up automatically in your own time zone when you are registered in LearnCentral and when you have chosen your time zone in your profile. Event recordings are posted and available after the events if you aren't able to attend them live. Be on the lookout for Australia-time-friendly events as part of the new Australia Series!

I also hope you'll consider hosting your own public webinars using the LearnCentral public room--instructions are available by joining the "Host Your Own Webinar" group on the main announcement tab (

Monday, February 22nd
  • 3:30pm Pacific Time (US) / 11:30pm GMT/UTC (international times):
    Jeff Magoto hosts "ANVILL: TCasting, A New Tool for Language Teachers."  Jeff Magoto is the director of the Yamada Language Center at the University of Oregon and the project manager for ANVILL.  Whether you're trying to give a short lecture, set a context, or just model some kind of speaking task, ANVILL's latest tool, TCasting, takes the mystery (and the misery) out of incorporating audio and video in your lesson planning. This webinar, aimed at both beginners and veteran ANVILL users, will begin with an overview of ANVILL's core tools for delivering and collecting speech, and then focus on TCasting, and its possibilities for personalizing language course content.
    LearnCentral Link:
Tuesday, February 23rd
  • 6:30am Pacific Time (US) / 2:30pm GMT/UTC (international times):
    Learning|Connective and Creative Connections Group host a live webinar on "Credit Flexibility" featuring Fred Bramante of the New Hampshire State Board of Education.  While serving as chair of the Board, Bramante was the leading advocate for New Hampshire’s bold move to eliminate seat time requirements associated with high school credit. Since then, Bramante has been a key adviser to Ohio’s credit flexibility policy design team. In this webinar, Bramante will discuss lessons learned from New Hampshire relevant to those working to develop and implement plans for credit flexibility, and field questions from webinar participants.
    LearnCentral Link:

  • 2pm Pacific Time (US) / 10pm GMT/UTC (international times):
    Rochelle Rodrigo hosts "Online Forms & Surveys: Can You Digg It? Web Applications for Research."  With the various online survey and poll technologies freely available, it is increasingly easier for both you and your students to collect primary research both on the web and in a classroom environment. This webinar will provide faculty an opportunity to think about what, how, and why they are structuring research assignments as well as what technologies they might have their students use within a research projects.
    LearnCentral Link:

  • 5pm Pacific Time (US) / 1am (next day) GMT/UTC (international times):
    PBS and Classroom 2.0 present Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. discussing his most recent PBS project, "Faces of America." In making the film, Dr. Gates turned to the latest tools of genealogy and genetics to explore the family histories of 12 renowned Americans and, in the process, discover what made America and what it means to be American.
    LearnCentral Link:
Wednesday, February 24th
  • 4pm Pacific Time (US) / 12am (next day) GMT/UTC (international times):
    MSP2 presents Caroline Hall on "Teaching About Light in the Middle Grades:  A Blended Learning Approach."  Always wanted to teach a science unit on light, but didn't have the resources? Find out how to access free, standards-based model units on the topic of light in The Physics Front web site. Hear about recent research on middle school students' understanding (and misunderstanding) of light. Learn what you can do to facilitate exciting, age-appropriate learning experiences on a topic often avoided in middle school.
    LearnCentral Link:

  • 5:30pm Pacific Time (US) / 1:30am (next day) GMT/UTC (international times):
    Maria Droujkova presents "Math 2.0 Weekly."  Is Object-Oriented Programming anti-mathematical?  CS-Math bridge discussion.
    LearnCentral Link:

  • 6:00pm Pacific Time (US) / 2:00am (next day) GMT/UTC (international times):
    Join me for a live and interactive interview with Kevin Johnson and Susan Manning, the authors of Online Education for Dummies.
    LearnCentral Link:

  • 7:00pm Pacific Time (US) / 3:00am (next day) GMT/UTC (international times):
    Lorna Costantini hosts "Digital Parent Project Planning Session #6." 
    LearnCentral Link:
Thursday, February 25th
  • 11am Pacific Time (US) / 7pm GMT/UTC (international times):
    Join us for the World Premiere of The Elluminati. Virtual high-intensity searchlights criss-cross the whiteboard screen. Elluminati members dressed in virtual tuxedos and evening gowns arrive in stretch limousine style to the applause of adoring crowds. Emcee Shannon Forte, with webcam and headsets ready, interviews virtual celebrities who are Elluminati group members to learn about the inspirational ways these members are utilizing Elluminate in their eLearning success.
    LearnCentral Link:

  • 1pm Pacific Time (US) / 4pm GMT/UTC (international times):
    Join me and
    Mike Lawrence for a live and interactive discussion with Susan Patrick, President and CEO of iNACOL, the international K-12 nonprofit association representing the interests of practitioners, providers and students involved in online learning worldwide. Susan is a spotlight speaker at the upcoming conference in Palm Springs March 4 - 6, 2010.
    LearnCentral Link:

  • 3pm Pacific Time (US) / 11pm GMT/UTC (international times):
    Jo Hart hosts
    guest presenter Shelly Terrell for "Edublogs - Techie How To - Add-on Value to Firefox" as part of The Australia Series. Do you use Firefox as your browser? Did you know that there are several add-ons and extensions that can help you download videos, all the links in one page, and more?  If you have some favorite add-ons, please feel free to join us and share.
    LearnCentral Link:

  • 4pm Pacific Time (US) / 12am (next day) GMT/UTC (international times):
    Karen Richardson  hosts "
    Confused by Copyright?  Come Join the Commons."  This presentation focuses on how Creative Commons licensing can benefits teachers and students as they create and share multimedia projects.
    LearnCentral Link:
Saturday, February 27th
  • 9am Pacific Time (US) / 5pm GMT/UTC (international times):
    Peggy George, Kim Caise, and Lorna Costantini host the weekly
    Classroom 2.0 LIVE show. The topic this Saturday will be "
    Interactive Math Activities for K-8 Classrooms" with special guest Colleen King.

  •  10am Pacific Time (US) / 6pm GMT/UTC (international times):
    "Designing eGames: Mission Impossible."  Scot Osterweil,
    Learning Games Network's Creative Director and a lead designer at MIT's Education Arcade, will talk about his design approach and help participants think through the "big picture" sections of the design framework before we start drilling down into the details in subsequent weeks. Participants are asked to come to the session with at least a general idea of topic and target audience for the game they would like to design over the course of the remaining sessions.

Thanks for your attention, and see you online!

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