Monday, January 11, 2010

January PBS/Classroom 2.0 Interactive Webinar: Middle Level STEM Education with "Design Squad," "Fetch!," and "DragonflyTV"

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Time: 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern / 1am GMT (next day) (international times here)
Location: In Elluminate. If you haven't used Elluminate before, you can make sure your computer is configured correctly to enter the room by going to

PBS Teachers and Classroom 2.0 are hosting a free interactive webinar for educators on Tuesday, January 26, 2010 with producers from Design Squad, Fetch!, and DragonflyTV share resources and practical applications for introducing and reinforcing science and engineering concepts in the upper elementary and middle school classroom.

About These Shows:

Design Squad: This reality series for students in grades 5-8 returned for its third season with a fresh cast of contestants eager to take raw materials, transform them into workable solutions, and take on design challenges for real-world clients hungry for clever ideas from a new generation of innovators. With a focus on engineering skills, Design Squad aims to increase students' knowledge of engineering and the design process, improve the public image of engineering, and encourage further exploration.

Fetch! with Ruff RuffmanFetch!: Part game show, part reality TV, and part spoof, FETCH! features real kids, real challenges, real science, and an unreal host named Ruff Ruffman, FETCH! mixes live-action with animation and breaks the mold with its educational and comical take on America's newest television genre. Targeting six- to ten-year olds, it is spontaneous, unscripted, and full of twists. FETCH! shows that reality programs can help kids learn how to tackle problems, overcome fears, brainstorm, and collaborate.

DragonflyTV: With science by kids, for kids, DragonflyTV showcases science experiments performed by kids ages 7-12 as they explore topics in earth & space, living things, body & brain, matter & motion, and technology & innovation. The show and its Website also offer a special series on Nanotechnology and video interviews with professionals across the science and engineering fields.


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