Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Droid Is More Like a PC Than a Cell Phone

I'm not going to document the many incredible uses of the new Motorola Droid phone which I (and many others) recently upgraded to.  Or the benefits of the cross-carrier Android platform.  Or the several dozen actually practical apps I've downloaded for free already.

I'm just going to say that until I found some nice power-saving apps a couple of days ago (hurrah!), I was actually not upset by the 3 - 4 hour battery life I was getting with the phone.  I wondered why that was, and then I realized I mentally put the Droid in the same category as my laptop computers--making the battery life within range of what could be expected for a device of this power.

For me, the Droid is more like having a small laptop than it is having a larger (admittedly clunky) cell phone.  Wow.  I guess this is what iPhone users have been experiencing for a while... :)

And yesterday I got a full day of use without recharging.


  1. Steve,

    I have been playing with the idea of upgrading to the Droid. I tried a Blackberry Storm and it wasn't for me. I played with the Droid in the Verizon showroom. Wasn't too excited about the keyboard. What do you think?

  2. I don't even use the keyboard, I just use the on-screen one, you can get pretty fast on it pretty quick (at least in the sideways-landscape mode).

  3. I'm with Doug. I use the onscreen keyboard now almost exclusively. Not just that the slide-out keyboard hasn't been that great for me, but also because the onscreen keyboard seems to work perfectly for me. Usually I'm frustrated that onscreen keyboard don't seem to be well calibrated to where I want to touch--this one almost reads my mind...!

  4. That sounds great, Steve.
    I had the Blackberry Storm for about a month and the keyboard on that phone stunk to high heaven.

    The keyboard on my iPod Touch is good but it only seems to work in the one finger mode.



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