Thursday, October 16, 2008 3.0 Now Available 3.0 was released on Monday. A full review from PC Magazine makes a good case for considering it:  "...if your company or agency has been buying Office for thousands of desktops, or if you work for or with a government that requires open-source formats, download and don't look

Benjamin Horst write that there was such "demand for downloads (over 350,000 in the first 24 hours) that the website couldn't handle the traffic and was down or partly down for two days."  He also details that "some cool new features include PDF import and editing, the ability to read (but not save) MS' new Office 2007 file formats, native Mac OSX support, much better margin notes, zooming, and side-by-side page views in Writer, tables in Impress (the PowerPoint equivalent), UI improvements in Calc, greater speed, and even better support for extensions and languages of the world."

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  1. Anonymous4:31 PM

    I'd say that installing a 3.0 release of such a big software right now would be a big mistake in a large scale environment.

    We have to remember what happened with OOo 2.0 . Better to wait till 3.0.1, that will surely correct a bunch of bugs that weren't detected yet.

    Outside that, no question that OOo3 series will be a big hit !


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