Wednesday, October 08, 2008

NECC Stress? Submissions Due Today...

OK, so even though submissions are due today for speaking at NECC 2009, I want to give you one reason to breathe a little easier if you're feeling stress.

I've been given approval to move forward again with both EduBloggerCon and NECC "Unplugged." EduBloggerCon planning will start in a few months, and we'll make a real effort to involve the larger community in the what and how of that event. I've asked for as many breakout areas as they can give us, with the guiding philosophy being that we (I!) won't try to control the breakouts like we (I!) did last year. That was a pretty clear lesson!

And as excited as I am to gather again for the all-day fun that EduBloggerCon can be, I'm really delighted to have NECC Unplugged being supported again. The idea behind NECC Unplugged is that anyone who wants to can sign up and give a short presentation during NECC--whether it is on a topic that hasn't hit the ed-tech radar before today but becomes significant, or it is a topic that gets turned down in the formal submission process but you still feel has real value. Long live the wiki as a conference organizing tool! :)

For those who care, the Open Source presence at NECC will remain strong--and maybe stronger because of this economy. We'll have our "Pavilion" once again, and will have an active playground area where we hope to get the legendary Jeff Elker involved with his students.

And don't forget the show in March '09 in Palm Springs, California, where all of this same good stuff happens as well! And if you're going to be at NSBA's T+L Conference in a few weeks in Seattle, we will have an Open Source lab room there for the very first time! Wahoo! If you're going to be there, come find me.