Friday, July 25, 2008

Video Conference Discussion of Content Creation Idea

This great discussion (forward to 13 minutes 40 seconds) centers on some great "philosophical" questions by Caroline (?) from Scott Merrick's class that did a video interview of me this week. When is enough enough? How many social networks can there be? How do we integrate Web 2.0 into our lives? How much time will it take, and where is that time supposed to come from? Way to ask GREAT questions, Caroline!

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  1. Yup indeed, Steve, that is Caroline Blackwell, my school's Director of Multicultural Affairs, and one of the seven participants in the workshop noted at
    our workshop wiki
    . The other seven are dedicated public school teachers learning how Web 2.0 can help them both teach and learn, in a weeklong grant-funded workshop provided by the Vanderbilt Center for Science Outreach. Thanks so much for dropping in on short notice and thanks be to the media demi-gods for my not losing the video that I captured on my little digital cam in video mode.


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