Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Free and Open Source Software Sessions at NECC

NECC is the largest educational technology conference in North America, and it attracts 12,000+ participants. For the fourth year I'll be running an "Open Source Pavilion" there with 40+ computers running Linux, and with a speaker series that's now a part of the main program.

If you're going to be at NECC, we'd love any volunteer efforts in the Pavilion. (We could really use some machines right now for the playground area to demo different FLOSS programs.) Here is the schedule of Open Source sessions at NECC. If there is no location given, it is in the Open Source Pavilion--otherwise, the room location is after the title.

Monday, June 30

Wonderful World of Wikis
Vicki Davis
Adam Frey

Enterprise-Scale Linux Thin Client Deployment: Roll Out for Success—HGCC 102 B
James Kinney

Open Minds, Open Education, and a View of Open Culture—HGCC 103 A
David Thornburg

Moodle Magic: Tricks for Enhanced Course Design—Grand Hyatt Lone Star Ballroom B
Michele D. Moore
Kathie Robeson

Web 2.0 Skills in the Safety of Your Classroom!
George Luginbil

11:00am-12:00pm 3D Modeling and Animation Using Blender
Stephen Crampton

Mooovin' To Moodle—Grand Hyatt Lone Star Ballroom D
McPherson, Bowen and Tynes

Using Moodle to Teach Teachers about Web 2.0 Tools
Liz Farmer

MySpace, Your Space: Effective Social Networking Using Open Source
Jim Klein

Moodle: Hear It from a Sixth Grade Teacher's Perspective!
Chris Craft

Moodle-Powered Learning in an Enhanced K-12 Classroom—HGCC 214 C/D
Mark McCal
Charles Ackerman

Birds of a Feather: Free, Open Source, and Web 2.0 Software for the Classroom
Steve Hargadon

Birds of a Feather: A Meeting of Moodlers—Grand Hyatt Lone Star Ballroom B
Michelle Moore
Jonathan Moore

Tuesday, July 1

Web 2.0 Skills in the Safety of Your Classroom!
George Luginbil

Moodle Magic—Make It Happen: Exploration of E-Learning Implementation
Laurie Korte

Student Voice, Teacher Voice: Podcasting with Audacity—Grand Hyatt Lone Star Ballroom A
Arelene Anderson
Sharon Wagner

Open Source Software for Developing and Differentiating Digital Curriculum
James Sweet
Sharnel Jackson

Social Networking in Education Panel
Steve Hargadon

Introduction to Open Source Software and Open Technologies
Steve Hargadon

Why Linux, Why You, and Why Now? — HGCC 001 A
David Thornburg

Birds of a Feather: Classroom 2.0
Steve Hargadon

Wednesday, July 2

Computer Programming for Everybody: Teaching Programming with Python
Vernon Cedar

Report from Indiana and K-12 Open Minds Conference
Huffman & Taylor

Use Your Noodle—Learn Moodle! An Open Source Learning Management System
Michelle Moore
Kathie Robeson

Free Open Source Content ManagementSystems: Powerful, Collaborative School Web Sites
Tim Frichtel

Python for Fun Introductory Programming—HGCC 102 B
Michelle Hutton

Share My What?! Exploring Open Educational Resources and Web 2.0
Lorraine Trawick
Amanda Hefner

Hope to see some of you there!

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  1. Steve, there is just no way that anyone can keep up with everything going on at NECC. This is a GREAT list of open source activities. Kudos for organizing it!

    BTW, see you in Katy!



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