Wednesday, October 03, 2007

You Look Good Peru

Adrian Velasquez posted this photo on Classroom 2.0.  There's not a lot of information there about Adrian, other than his affiliation with Markham College, a private school in Lima, Peru.  And there's no information about these kids.  But the picture says it all--or, at least, I'm guessing at what it says, but there is no guessing about the contagious smiles on these boys' faces.  Some other kids, somewhere in Peru or the United States or who-knows-where, through a video connection, are making the world a smaller place. 


  1. Steve- Ive been reading your stuff for quite awhile and I love these inspirational pics/stories. Im using tons, tons, tons of technology in my coursework and see lots of those same smiles. Creativity, digital literacy, understanding, excitement, opportunity, these are what we strive for. Thanks for what you are doing to make that happen.

  2. Dear Steve:
    I am Adrian Velasquez and I would like to come back to this wonderful educational network. Could you please tell me how to recover my access and sign up.
    By the way I posted this photo after we went with Chadwick School who promoted a lap top program in the highlands of Peru. The school is located in San Andres, Cutervo, Cajamarca.

  3. @Adrian--great to hear from you. You should be able to recover your password at, but if you still have trouble, email me at


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