Sunday, August 19, 2007

SH Interviews DK from the UK

DK is the founder of MediaSnackers, which is "a site/weblog/project/call to action for people interested in how young people consume and create media across the globe." He just goes by DK, which are the initials of his given name, but DK has been his nickname since he was a child. His educational background is in communications and media, and started out working with youth--and became the UK's first and only Corporate Youth Officer. His "passion for working with young people (and youth professionals) has been his main focus for the past 8 years."

Here's a video of DK on YouTube.

After I saw this, I send DK an email and asked how he'd feel about doing an interview. As you can tell from how personable he is during the interview, he was quick to say yes.

Don't give up on this interview during the first few minutes when DK's connection is weak. I call him back and it gets better. (I interviewed DK--and a couple of others--before taking a family vacation, and am just now getting these interviews. Sorry for the delay.)

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  1. Thank you Steve for the feature - honoured!



  2. You're most welcome. Lot's of interesting ground covered. Will look forward to tracking all that you do.

  3. back to work now...I am looking forward to listening to the podcast. While I was on vacation I was tagged with a meme and although I do not always get into them i decided to do this one . now I am passing it on to you.
    See it at


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