Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Droid Is More Like a PC Than a Cell Phone

I'm not going to document the many incredible uses of the new Motorola Droid phone which I (and many others) recently upgraded to.  Or the benefits of the cross-carrier Android platform.  Or the several dozen actually practical apps I've downloaded for free already.

I'm just going to say that until I found some nice power-saving apps a couple of days ago (hurrah!), I was actually not upset by the 3 - 4 hour battery life I was getting with the phone.  I wondered why that was, and then I realized I mentally put the Droid in the same category as my laptop computers--making the battery life within range of what could be expected for a device of this power.

For me, the Droid is more like having a small laptop than it is having a larger (admittedly clunky) cell phone.  Wow.  I guess this is what iPhone users have been experiencing for a while... :)

And yesterday I got a full day of use without recharging.