Monday, February 02, 2009

CNN - Facebook Mashup: We Should Be Able to Do the Same Thing

Last week I was at the EduCon 2.1 conference. It was a GREAT event, in no small part because of the streaming video of every session and the back-channel chat. But in most sessions I was in the back-channel chat was fragmented. Some were using the chat from the Ustream page, some from CoverItLive, and others through Twitter.

So, I've been thinking about the CNN - Facebook mashup from the presidential inauguration that was so amazingly powerful. It was an international event that you got to talk about with your own network by logging into your Facebook account on the video page. It was simply brilliant.

There's no reason we should be able to do this for any event we attend or hold with streaming video. I don't think this is rocket science, but I am at an impasse and am hoping the network will pick up where I have gotten stuck and figure this out. All we really need is a web service that lets you embed the code of the streaming video and then place a Twitter widget that the watching user can use to log into using their own Twitter account. Then any event could have a page where the discussion could take place with our own twitter network.

Pageflakes should be able to do this, but they are down and any assurances that they will be up again are muted by the fact that there is not even a "we'll be back soon" message on their page. It's just gone. Netvibes is confusing me--what used to be a Universe page is now a shared page (??) and I don't see a way of having the Twitter widget allow for the individual viewer to put in their own account information. Wiki services like Wikispaces could let you build the page, and would be a great way to track and coalesce all the different event pages, but it would require a Twitter widget that didn't have the username/password built into the widget, but which could be specified by the user at the time the page was accessed.

Any ideas?! I think this would be an amazing step forward for conference/event attending and viewing.