Thursday, May 23, 2024

"Practical AI" Tutorials and Walkthroughs Bonus (ChatGPT + AI Bootcamp for Libraries and Librarians)

Register for the ChatGPT + AI 2024 Bootcamp for Libraries and Librarians and you will have immediate access to over two hours of "Practical AI" tutorials and walkthroughs, led by Reed Hepler, Digital Initiatives Librarian and Archivist, College of Southern Idaho, the closing keynote speaker of the Library 2,.0's "AI and Libraries I," and the chair of the Library 2.0's "AI and Libraries II."

The "practical AI" tutorials bonus series includes:

  • Practical AI Tutorials Introduction
  • Creating Custom GPTs
  • Collaborating with AI Tools
  • Creating Custom GPTs Walkthrough
  • Intro to Text Generation with ChatGPT
  • Intro to Text Generation with Groq
  • Intro to Image Generation with Ideogram
  • Intro to Image Creation with ChatGPT
  • Intro to Audio Generation with T-t-S Online
  • Intro to Audio Generation with Udio
  • Intro Music Speech with Suno 
These tutorials take a more technical approach than the bootcamp sessions will, and so they are a great complement for those who want to dive deeply with step-by-step walkthroughs. Please consider joining us for the bootcamp which starts next week and will be fully recorded for later review or in case you cannot attend the sessions live.

If you have already registered for the bootcamp, your link for these tutorials will be emailed to you later today!

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