Friday, May 03, 2024

Ask Dr. Steve - A Library Security Director Asks, "Is a TASER advisable or not advisable?"

We've just posted a new blog post by Dr. Steve Albrecht in our "The Safe Library" section of Library 2.0: "Ask Dr. Steve - A Library Security Director Asks, 'Is a TASER advisable or not advisable?'"
I’m a security director for a large library district. I’ve got a rural library director who feels unsafe with drug activity around, and in fact, a late night bullet accidentally hit the library door a couple months ago. The director bought a TASER, with library funds, to protect herself. I’ve looked through your rural chapter 7 in your The Safe Library book and sent a few pages to her from that.
Is a TASER advisable or not advisable? Could it be lethal? Pepper spray or wasp spray preferred? If a staff person has a TASER, does the library need a policy? Especially if the TASER was bought with library funds?
You can read Dr. Steve Albrecht's response here

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