Monday, January 22, 2024

New "Ask Dr. Steve" Blog Post - “Praying, Meditating, or Sleeping?”

We've just posted a new "Ask Dr. Steve" blog post by Dr. Steve Albrecht in our "The Safe Library" section of Library 2.0"Praying, Meditating, or Sleeping?"
Dear Dr. Steve - Our Code of Conduct prohibits patrons from sleeping in the library. Our staff is quite lenient on this issue and they usually just “verbally nudge people awake” and remind them about the rule. There are some patrons who come here just to sleep and when staff wakes them up from an obvious deep sleep they say, “I wasn’t sleeping! I was praying or meditating and you disrupted me!”
This seems like a highly prepared answer, of course, and it kind of catches staff off guard, like it really was their fault for disrupting this patron’s worship or mediation. What should we do?
You can read to the whole post here

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