Thursday, September 07, 2023

New Masterclass with Loida Garcia-Febo: "Preventing Burnout and Fatigue"

Preventing Burnout and Fatigue: A Masterclass with Loida Garcia-Febo
The Library 2.0 Mental Health and Wellness Series


“Burnout is the biggest problem at our library” is a phrase we increasingly hear from library workers at all types of libraries. Conditions of being short-staffed and overworked, of doing more with less, of managing personal difficulties, and then facing challenges related both to access to information and to polarization--these can really get to be too much for librarians. While burnout is not considered a medical condition but “an occupational phenomenon,” it is surely felt by workers as it brings acute stress that is difficult to manage.

In this masterclass, we will start with definitions of burnout and fatigue which are characterized by different symptoms. We will focus on different "sections" as we identify specific areas and their challenges, the combination of which can be unique to each participant, thereby allowing you to apply the specific strategies that you need at any give moment. Our "sections" will include: self-reflection to check in with ourselves; creating a checklist to identify stressors igniting burnout and fatigue; and then a set of strategies to prevent burnout and fatigue.

This 60-minute training is presented by Library 2.0 and hosted by Loida Garcia-Febo. A handout copy of the presentation slides will be available to all who participate.


  • Attendees will conduct a personal burnout assessment
  • Attendees will conduct a personal fatigue assessment
  • Attendees will identify stressors, unique to each one, causing burnout and fatigue
  • Attendees will learn basic strategies to prevent burnout and fatigue
  • Attendees will learn basic self-care and mindfulness strategies they can adapt to their personal situation
  • Attendees will receive resources to equip themselves to advocate for themselves
  • Attendees will create a basic "Toolbox to manage burnout and fatigue”

DATE: Thursday, October 12th, 2023, at 2:00 pm US - Eastern Time


  • $99/person - includes any-time access to the recording and the presentation slides and receiving a participation certificate. To arrange group discounts (see below), to submit a purchase order, or for any registration difficulties or questions, email
  • This masterclass is free for those on individual or group all-access passes for the Dr. Steve Albrecht Service, Safety, and Security webinars, even though not officially part of that series, and will be available in the all-access recordings until the end of 2023.


For individual registrations, click HERE to the participant's email address and use the "Pay Now" button to pay. You can pay by credit card, and you will receive an email within a day with information on how to attend the event live and then your permanent access to the event recording. If you are paying for someone else to attend, you'll be prompted to send an email to with the name and email address of the actual attendee.

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SPECIAL GROUP RATES (email to arrange):

  • Multiple individual log-ins and access from the same organization paid together: $75 each for 3+ registrations, $65 each for 5+ registrations. Unlimited and non-expiring access for those log-ins.
  • The ability to show the masterclass (live or recorded) to a group located in the same physical location or in the same virtual meeting from one log-in: $299.
  • Large-scale institutional access for viewing with individual login capability: $499 (hosted either at Library 2.0 or in Niche Academy). Unlimited and non-expiring access for those log-ins.

RECORDING: The masterclass will be recorded and you will have non-expiring access to the recording.


Loida Garcia-Febo is a Puerto Rican American librarian and International Library Consultant with 25 years of experience as an expert in library services to diverse populations and human rights. President of the American Library Association 2018-2019. Garcia-Febo is worldwide known for her passion about diversity, communities, sustainability, innovation and digital transformation, library workers, library advocacy, wellness for library workers, and new librarians about which she has taught in 44 countries. In her job, she helps libraries, companies and organizations strategize programs, services and strategies in areas related to these topics and many others. Garcia-Febo has a Bachelors in Business Education, Masters in Library and Information Sciences.

Garcia-Febo has a long history of service with library associations. Highlights include- At IFLA: Governing Board 2013-2017, Co-Founder of IFLA New Professionals, two-term Member/Expert resource person of the Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression Committee of IFLA (FAIFE), two-term member of the Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section of IFLA (CPDWL). Currently: CPDWL Advisor, Information Coordinator of the Management of Library Associations Section. Currently at ALA: Chair, IRC United Nations Subcommittee, Chair Public Awareness Committee. Recently at ALA: Chair, Status of Women in Librarianship and Chair, ALA United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Task Force developing a multi-year strategic plan for ALA. Born, raised, and educated in Puerto Rico, Garcia-Febo has advocated for libraries at the United Nations, the European Union Parliament, U.S. Congress, NY State Senate, NY City Hall, and on sidewalks and streets in various states in the U.S.



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