Friday, October 21, 2022

Please Tell Us Your Topic Ideas for the 2023 Library 2.0 Mini-Conferences and Webinars

We're planning our 2023 Library 2.0 mini-conference and webinar series, and we want to know what topic requests or ideas you have for us!

You can fill out the very short survey HERE.

Library 2.0 Mini-Conferences: everyone is invited to participate in our free Library 2.0 topic-specific mini-conference events, designed to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among information professionals worldwide. We hold three mini-conferences each year (typically in March, June, and October). These are three-hour events that usually consist of a keynote panel, 10-15 crowd-sourced thirty-minute presentations, and a closing 30-minute keynote. A list of the conference topics from previous years is below. The School of Information at San José State University is the founding conference sponsor and the recordings from previous years are available under the Archives tab at and on the Library 2.0 YouTube channel.

Library 2.0 Webinars: Dr. Steve Albrecht posts twice-monthly Library "Service, Safety, and Security" podcasts and blog posts that are available for free on Library 2.0. We also offer a series of paid webinars and recordings by "Dr. Steve," and a reference list of all past webinars is also available below. 

Again, we hope you will consider giving us your opinions and ideas for topics for both the mini-conferences and the webinars HERE

Thank you, and "see you online!"


Steve Hargadon

Library 2.0 (



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