Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Bonus Package for the Emergency Home Learning Summit - Secret Videos, Gift Pass, MP3s, and PDFs #homelearningsummit #learningrevolution

The Emergency Home Learning (& More) Summit concludes tomorrow! And tomorrow is the last day to purchase the all-access Summit "library" pass at $99, allowing you to be able to watch any of the 300 talks and interviews on your own time and forever. On Thursday the price goes up to $149.

In addition to the recordings of the 320 talks, those who purchase the all-access Summit pass receive these bonuses:
  • The "Secret to Success in Life" short interviews from our 25 special interview guests. These gems are not listed in the Summit talks and are not available to watch without purchasing the bonus package.
  • Give the gift of the Summit to a friend or colleague. Purchase the all-access pass and you can give one copy of the all-access Summit library pass to someone else as a gift. 
  • Listen to or download all of the special interviews as MP3 files. These are an incredible repository of great thinking about teaching and learning.
    • Interview with Alice Keeler: "That's the Best Alice Can Do."
    • Interview with Angela Maiers - "You Are Enough"
    • Interview with Barbara Bray: "It's Not the Content, It's the Relationships"
    • Interview with Blake Boles: "Stepping Outside of Traditional Notions of School"
    • Interview with Carlo Ricci - "Love, Generosity, & Kindness - Hope Rests in Every One of Us"
    • Interview with Chris Lehmann: “School and the Ethic of Care”
    • Interview with David Homa: "Helping to Create Independent Learners"
    • Interview with Denise Pope: "Focus on Relationships"
    • Interview with Esther Wojcicki: "The Most Important Thing About Learning"
    • Interview with Gary Stager - "Kids Need to Spend as Much Time as Possible in the Company of Interesting Adults"
    • Interview with Gina Riley, Ph.D. - "Having a Sense of Competence, Autonomy, and Relatedness"
    • Interview with Jeff Cobb - "Embrace Learning"
    • Interview with Jerry Mintz - "The Education Revolution Has Happened"
    • Interview with Julie M Wilson: "The Self-Authoring Mindshift"
    • Interview with Kari Byron and Jenny Buccos - "Crash Test World"
    • Interview with Ken Danford: "School Is Optional"
    • Interview with Lenore Skenazy - "Why Independence Is So Important."
    • Interview with Lisa Nielsen: "There Has Never Been a Better Time to Learn"
    • Interview with Marley Richards
    • Interview with Roger Schank - "All Problems in Education Start with P"
    • Interview with Ross Wehner: "Purpose-Driven Learning"
    • Interview with Stephen Ritz
    • Interview with Sugata Mitra: "Do Not Teach Learners What They Can Learn by Themselves"
    • Interview with Yong Zhao: "Encouraging Students to Be in Charge"
  • Over 45 speaker-provided eBooks, PDFs, Resource Pages, Articles, and Videos - here's the amazing list:
    • Barbara Bray, Barbara Bray @bbray27 Rethinking Learning Resources | Resources Folder
    • Barbara Bray, Defining Your WHY using ikigai by Barbara Bray | PDF 4 pages
    • Barbara Bray, Making PBL Personal by Barbara Bray | PDF 3 pages
    • Lisa Nielsen, Building a Strong Home-School Connection with Cell Phones | eBook 23 pages
    • Lisa Nielsen, Fix the School, Not the Child - 20 Ideas for Parents Who Aren’t Interested in Waiting for Superman | eBook 25 pages
    • Lisa Nielsen, The Social Classroom_ Engaging Learners with Cell Phones Social Media | eBook 16 pages
    • Lisa Nielsen, The Teenagers Guide to Opting Out (not dropping out) of School | eBook 46 pages
    • Lisa Nielsen, The Uncomfortable History of Schooling in America Download | eBook 26 pages
    • Lisa Nielsen, Working Home Educator's Guide to Success | eBook 44 pages
    • Angela Maiers, 20 QUESTIONS To Help Yo Discover Your Passions, Pupose and Power | PDF 23 pages
    • Angela Maiers, School Leaders Quick Start Guide To Online Learning | PDF 31 pages
    • Blake Boles, What to Do Instead of School: 28 ideas for spending your time outside of high school or college | eBook 39 pages
    • Dr. Gina Riley, Homeschooling and Unschooling Research s and References | PDF
    • Dr. Gina Riley, Positive Psychology and Self Determination Theory | Video
    • Dr. Gina Riley, Positive Psych References | DOC
    • Enrol Yourself, Huddlecraft: A field guide to pollinating peer groups | PDF Book 28 pages
    • World Leadership School, Elements of PBL Checklist | PDF
    • Julie M. Wilson, YOUR HERO'S JOURNEY: A companion to ‘The Human Side of Changing Education’ | PDF 15 pages
    • Julie M. Wilson, ASSESSING THE LEARNING THAT MATTERS MOST | PDF "The purpose of this report is to identify schools where great work in assessing the learning that matters most is underway, to provide an overview of the challenges of the work, and to begin exploring the possibility of an open source database of deeper learning/whole child assessment great practices – all with a view to impacting the broader system. We interviewed 28 thought leaders and synthesized their thinking." 179 pages.
    • Jeff Cobb, 10 Ways to Be a Better Learner | PDF 52 pages
    • Challenge Success, Quality Over Quantity: Elements of Effective Homework | PDF
    • Challenge Success, A "Fit" Over Rankings: Why College Engagement Matters More Than Selectivity (Executive Summary) | PDF
    • Challenge Success, A "Fit" Over Rankings: Why College Engagement Matters More Than Selectivity | PDF
    • Challenge Success, The Advanced Placement Program: Living Up to Its Promise? | PDF
    • Challenge Success, Cheat or Be Cheated? What We Know About Academic Integrity | PDF
    • Challenge Success: Parent Tips and Tools, A Message to Families From Denise Pope | Blog For families concerned about the impact of school closures on their child's academic journey, read this important message from Denise Pope.
    • Challenge Success: Parent Tips and Tools, Summer Activity Ideas During COVID-19 | Resources Here are a few ideas to help families keep the spark of learning alive this summer while also carving out time for the daily protective factors every kid needs: playtime, downtime, and family time.
    • Challenge Success: Parent Tips and Tools, How to Help Children Build Resilience in Uncertain Times | Article Explore these helpful ideas from pediatrician Dr. Ken Ginsburg to support our children during these difficult times.
    • Challenge Success: Parent Tips and Tools, Tips to Support Playtime, Downtime, and Family Time | PDF Consider new ways that students can incorporate the "PDF" they need every day for healthy development now that they have more time at home.
    • Challenge Success: Parent Tips and Tools, Upgrade lessons for kids at home during coronavirus school closures | Article Explore practical ideas from Dr. Denise Pope to support learning at home.
    • Challenge Success: Parent Tips and Tools, Keep Kids Engaged and Healthy with Remote LearningWATCH | Video Get ideas for how to promote a broader definition of learning from this ABC7 interview with Dr. Denise Pope.
    • Challenge Success: Parent Tips and Tools, Helping Kids Cope with the Coronavirus | Video Listen to advice from Dr. Madeline Levine to parents who are stressed out trying to keep themselves and their kids safe amid the coronavirus pandemic.
    • Challenge Success: Parent Tips and Tools, How to Talk to Your Child about the Coronavirus | Article Consider these communication tips from Dr. Madeline Levine to support and reassure kids of all ages.
    • Challenge Success: Parent Tips and Tools, Making Your Home a Safe Haven | Blog Find comfort in this advice from pediatrician Dr. Ken Ginsburg.
    • Challenge Success: Parent Tips and Tools, Counseling Resources | Link Key educational and counseling resources to support students during COVID-19. It is curated by a group of counselors from CA and WI and covers topics including mental health, college admissions, and needs of special populations.
    • Challenge Success: Parent Tips and Tools, Engaging Kids with Learning | Video Watch this 90-second video from Dr. Denise Pope to find out what your kid loves (music, art, science) and apply their passions to their learning environment.
    • Challenge Success: Parent Tips and Tools, Healthy College Admissions | Resources Explore resources including our white paper to support a more balanced approach to college admissions that values fit over selectivity.
    • Challenge Success: Educator Tips and Tools, Guidance on Grading/Crediting Policies During COVID-19 | Blog Review recommendations on whether, and how, to grade students during this very unique time from Challenge Success, Crescendo Education Group, and Mastery Transcript Consortium, three research-based educational organizations founded on principles of student-centered learning, well-being, and equity.
    • Challenge Success: Educator Tips and Tools, COVID-19: Teachers, Families, and the Future | Resources Check out stories, activities, tips, and resources curated from across the Stanford Graduate School of Education that support learning and well-being.
    • Challenge Success: Educator Tips and Tools, School’s In Podcast | Podcast Learn about current issues in education related to COVID-19 and beyond with hosts Stanford GSE Dean Dan Schwartz and Dr. Denise Pope.
    • Challenge Success: Educator Tips and Tools, Lessons from around the World: Remote Learning in the Era of Coronavirus | Article Gather insights from educators on how to effectively transition to remote learning.
    • Challenge Success: Educator Tips and Tools, COVID-19 Resources: Student Health and Well-Being at the Intersection of Race, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion | Resources Explore resources curated by NAIS to help schools take into account racial, ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic, and other demographic groups impacted by the coronavirus.
    • Challenge Success: Educator Tips and Tools, IFSEL’s Tips for Distance Learning | Article Identify practical SEL activities to explore with your students.
    • Challenge Success: Virtual Offerings to Support Schools, Free Webinar: Guidance On Grading/Crediting Policies During COVID-19 | Webinar Watch a recording of a discussion on whether, and how, to grade students during this very unique time with expert panelists: Denise Pope, Ph.D., Challenge Success, Joe Feldman, Ed.M., Crescendo Education Group, Stacy Caldwell, M.A., M.B.A., Mastery Transcript Consortium, and Randall Booker, Piedmont Unified School District.
    • Challenge Success: Virtual Offerings to Support Schools, Free Professional Development Webinar: How to Cultivate a Climate of Care During Remote LearningWATCH | Webinar Watch this one-hour webinar to explore practices and strategies for promoting a sense of belonging and building community in remote learning environments.
I'm hoping you're going to find the purchase of the all-access Summit library pass irresistible! This is been an amazing event. Since we started the event at the end of September, we've had two months of amazing sessions. We've also greatly improved the navigation of the Summit site--do check it out now. See all of the 190 speakers here. See all of the 320 sessions here. And see all of the sessions in detailed categories and topics here.

(If you have already purchased the all-access pass, don't worry--you will shortly receive an email with instructions on how to access the bonuses.)

Buy the Summit all-access library pass HERE.

See you "online!"

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