Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Emergency Home Learning (& More) Summit Has Started! #homelearningsummit #learningrevolution

Today is the first day in a daily, two-month free online summit focused on home-based and home-centered learning. Whether by circumstance or choice, learning at home is now the reality for more students than ever. 

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We currently have 75 speakers presenting original material, with an additional 50 "classic" pre-recorded talks. And we have more coming in each day (and that could include you!).

We have asked our speakers to answer this question in their presentations: "What do you know about learning that could dramatically help or change the lives of students, parents, teachers, librarians, or others at this moment?"

This free event is for everyone interested in helping students to learn, because we're having what may be one of the most important conversations about learning in the history of the world. Understanding when, where, and how learning takes place has never been more important.

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HERE ARE SOME OF THE TOPICS WE ARE WORKING TO COVER IN THE SUMMIT TALKS, INTERVIEWS, AND OPEN-CHAT TIMES: ADHD and Learning ∙ Alternative Education ∙ Balancing Home and School ∙ Blended Learning ∙ Brain-based Learning ∙ Classroom 2.0 ∙ College Admissions ∙ Connections ∙ Creativity ∙ Defining Success ∙ Digital Citizenship ∙ Educational Technology ∙ Elementary Years ∙ Engagement ∙ ESL ∙ Family & Parenting ∙ Future of Eduction ∙ Games ∙ Gap Years & Family Sabbaticals ∙ Global Collaborations ∙ Grades and the Game of School ∙ Hacking Your Education ∙ High School ∙ Higher Education ∙ Homeschooling ∙ Homework ∙ Hope and Healing ∙ Innovation ∙ Learning ∙ Learning Coaching and Mentoring ∙ Learning Cultures ∙ Libraries and Librarians ∙ Managing Stress ∙ Math Education ∙ Microschools ∙ Mindful Teaching and Learning ∙ Lifelong Learning ∙ Music Education ∙ Online Learning ∙ Open Source and OER ∙ Pandemic Pods ∙ Play ∙ Positive Education ∙ Practical Student Tools (Email / Calendars / Organizers) ∙ Reading ∙ Reinventing School ∙ Remote Teaching and Learning ∙ Self-Directed Learning ∙ Sleep and Rest ∙ Social and Emotional Learning ∙ Special Needs ∙ Strengths-based Education ∙ Stress ∙ Student 2.0 ∙ Student Entrepreneurship ∙ Teacher 2.0 ∙ Teaching ∙ Teaching Online ∙ Temperament and Learning Styles ∙ Testing and Assessment ∙ Unschooling ∙ Virtual Schooling ∙ Work ∙ World Schooling

See you “online!”


Steve Hargadon

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