Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Learning Revolution Shows Today and Tomorrow: "Broadband Inequality," "Can We Trust What We're Being Told?," and "Augmented and Virtual Reality" #learningrevolution

We have three Learning Revolution shows this week ("Teaching by Heart" is on hiatus, "Exceptional Circumstances" is taking a vacation break, "Thrive in EDU" is at a slightly later time this week). Times are US-Eastern Daylight Time--to see the schedule in your own time zone, and to get the links to attend live in Zoom, please use the SCHEDULE page on the Learning Revolution site.

WEDNESDAY'S SHOWS (August 26th):
  • 10:00 AM - The Connected Classroom with Rusty May - Can We Trust What We’re Being Told? Guest – Merrilee Johnson, Former Assistant Superintendent, Glenn County Office of Education, CA. Join me for an in-depth look at the economic situation we are facing in education and how that reality is causing many administrators to backtrack on safety promises made to staff, families, and students. My incredibly special guest is a mentor, career educator, former assistant superintendent, and mother to several current teachers and administrators, Merrilee Johnson. Merrilee and I will also talk about the importance of connection before content as we enter this challenging new year and how we can create safe, connected environments that will facilitate the healing process, in-person and online. If you are a concerned educator, parent, or student, please join in as the mics are always open in the Connected Classroom and we want to hear from you.

  • 5:0 PM - "Thrive in EDU" with Rachelle Dene Poth - with Jaime Donally on Augmented and Virtual Reality. I look forward to having a conversation with Jaime Donally. Jaime is a passionate technology enthusiast and author. She began her career as a math teacher and later moved into Instructional Technology. Her desire to build relationships has brought about opportunities to collaborate with students and educators around the world. She provides staff development and training on immersive technology as an edtech consultant.  Jaime's book, Learning Transported, is available through ISTE and she is working on her second book. She stays active with Global Maker Day, which she created, and the #ARVRinEDU community, events, and presentations. She works as an author and speaker to provide practical use of augmented and virtual reality in the classroom. Join us for a great conversation: Augmented and Virtual Reality, bring your questions, and let's learn together. 
THURSDAY'S SHOW (August 27th):
  • 4:00 PM - REINVENTING.SCHOOL - EPISODE 18: BROADBAND INEQUALITY with host Howard Blumenthal. This week, REINVENTING SCHOOL asks a basic question: if distance learning is the solution, how does this work without 100% broadband coverage in the U.S.? By our count, about 2 in 3 U.S. students (K-12) lack either reliable fast broadband service, the necessary devices, or a quiet space to study and learn. Our discussion will focus on broadband inequality so we can learn the reasons why the system is (wildly) imperfect, and what is being done to correct the situation. Our guest experts: Dr. Veronica C. Garcia, Superintendent of New Mexico's Santa Fe Public Schools; Matt Dunne, Founder & Executive Director, Center on Rural Innovation; Dee Davis, Center for Rural Strategies; Michael Romano, Senior Vice President of Industry Affairs, NTCA - The Rural Broadband Association; and Evan Marwell, Founder and CEO of EducationSuperHighway.
See you "online!"


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