Friday, March 27, 2020

Recordings Posted for the Library 2.0 Special Pandemic Mini-Conference: "Serving the Needs of Communities in Crisis"

Yesterday we held our Library 2.0 special pandemic mini-conference: "Serving the Needs of Communities in Crisis." We had over 8,000 registrations, and 2,500 live attendees for most of the day. We put a strain on the Library 2.0 site, on Zoom at one point, and on several computers all running to make the event happen... but nothing broke!

RECORDINGS: We've posted the a video recording, an audio-only recording, and the chat lot for each of the four sessions. Additionally, where provided, we've posted presentation slides and handouts. All are available at You do need to be a member of Library 2.0, but there is no cost to join.

ACTION GROUP: Library 2.0 member Eman Khereba created a mini-conference action group, "Tell Your story: Library in Action ( Covid 19)" on Library 2.0. She writes: "This group is an invitation for people who attended library 2.0 or not attended mini-conference to: 1- Tell their followup actions and stories. 2. Support each other 3. Share achievements 4- Sharing ideas, experiences, useful materials, useful links 5- Ask Questions and the community will answer."

A huge thanks to yesterdays speakers: Cari Dubiel, Kathy Dempsey, Kathy Zappitello, Nick Tanzi, and Andrew Sanderbeck. Andrew also organized the speakers and did a great job. Visit his PCI Webinars training site to learn more.

And please consider joining Dr. Steve Albrecht's webinar next Tuesday, March 31st, on "Library Emergencies." Steve has been a good friend to the Library 2.0 community.

We know that many of you will not be in a position to pay for professional development at this time. For those of you in this situation, Dr. Albrecht has graciously allowed members of Library 2.0 to view the recordings of his past paid webinars for free at this time, and we encourage you to view those.

At the same time, Steve makes his living speaking and presenting, and like so many, is having those engagements cancelled. Even if attendance at this webinar is lower than normal, I want to do my part to provide him with some income--so rather than postpone or cancel this webinar, I'm going to hold it.

Dr. Albrecht always does a great, thorough, and professional job with his training material. While many libraries are closed right now, that won't always be the case, and coping with serious emergencies for when libraries are open and functioning regularly is an important topic. His material is guaranteed to be helpful.

Thank you for your consideration,


Steve Hargadon
Library 2.0

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