Thursday, March 28, 2019

Library 2.0 Webinar - "Opiate Users In Your Library: From Patron Behavior Management to Responding to Overdosers"

"Opiate Users In Your Library: From Patron Behavior Management to Responding to Overdosers"

Join us for a 60-minute webinar (live and recorded) in a special Library 2.0 series with Dr. Steve Albrecht, held on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019, at 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

DESCRIPTION: As the opioid pill and heroin use crisis has swept across the US, libraries are now dealing with the fact that opiate addicts are using the stacks, restrooms, and building exteriors to use their drugs or leave their remnants behind. Overdoses in library restrooms are now a common reality. Some libraries have trained their employees to administer Narcan, an opioid antagonist sprayed into the nose of a suspected overdose patient. Other libraries struggle with what do do with drug residue, needles, and related heroin-use paraphernalia left in the restrooms, book drops, and the stacks. This issue is both a public health crisis and a danger to library staffers and other patrons who come across erratic heroin users either in withdrawal or near death in their facilities.
  • Recognize the tremendous increase in opiate overdose problems in this country and why libraries are not immune to the issue.
  • How to recognize opiate use abuse in patrons - from a legal and medical perspective.
  • Know the differences between alcohol use, drug use, poly-drug use, and opiate drug use and withdrawal symptoms in patrons.
  • How to know when opiate use by patrons is a police issue versus a paramedics response.
  • Discuss when and if Narcan use by library staff on opiate overdoes patrons may be a necessity.
  • Deal with the safety hazards related to opiate users, their drugs, and drug paraphernalia, including needles.

Dr. Steve Albrecht, a library security expert and the author of the ALA 2015 book, Library Security: Better Communication, Safer Facilities, will present tools, resources, and responses to this difficult medical, ethical, and business impact issue. He has written 21 books on business, security, and law enforcement subjects.

COST: $75
/person - includes access to the recording and access to the attendee discussion forum. (For group or other purchases, to submit a purchase order, or for any registration difficulties or questions, email

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