Tuesday, April 24, 2018

An Incredible Mini-Conference on Blockchain and the Information Profession

We're excited to announce our second Library 2.018 mini-conference: "Blockchain Applied: Impact on the Information Profession," which will be held online (and for free) on Thursday, June 7th, from 12:00 - 3:00 pm US-Pacific Daylight Time (click for your own time zone).

This is a free event, being held online.

This event is being organized in partnership with Drs. Sue Alman and Sandra Hirsh from the San Jose State University School of Information as part of their IMLS-funded investigation of the potential uses of blockchain technology for the information professions.

Speakers will include: Dan Blackaby, Todd A. Carpenter, Frank Cervone, Christina Cornejo, Miguel Figueroa, Patricia C. Franks, PhD, CA, CRM, IGP, Toby Greenwalt, Jason Griffey, M Ryan Hess, Amy Jiang, Stacey Johnson, Bohyun Kim, Heather A. McMorrow, Eric Meyer, Robert Norton, Tonia San Nicolas-Rocca, Ravi Singh, and Link Swanson.

Blockchain technology has the potential for libraries to accomplish much more than housing electronic credentials. The technology enables a broader impact within the community and around the globe. Some suggestions being explored for blockchain applications in libraries include building an enhanced metadata center, protecting Digital First Sale rights, supporting community-based collections, and facilitating partnerships across organizations. This mini-conference will provide participants with an overview of blockchain technology and information about current applications within the information professions. Join the discussion on ways that blockchain technology can be used in libraries. https://ischoolblogs.sjsu.edu/blockchains. See below for a list of the mini-conference topics, and full descriptions at http://www.library20.com/page/blockchain.

We invite all library professionals, employers, LIS students, and educators to participate in this event.

This is a free event, being held online.
...to attend live or to receive the recording links afterwards. Please also join this Library 2.0 network to be kept updated on this and future events

Participants are encouraged to use #library2018 and #libraryblockchain on their social media posts leading up to and during the event.

  • Applying Blockchain to the Information Professions
  • Blockchain and a Fair Art Market
  • Blockchain Issues (Keynote)
  • Credentialing using Blockchain for Globally Mobile and Disaster Affected Populations
  • From Healthcare to Information Organizations: Translating Blockchain Practice Across Disciplines
  • Legal Concerns about Blockchain That May Not Have Occurred to You
  • Security in Libraries: A Case for Blockchain Technology
  • Strategies for Libraries to Provide Blockchain Education, Tools, and Training
  • What Might Standards for Library Blockchain Systems Look Like?
The School of Information at San José State University is the founding conference sponsor. Please register as a member of the Library 2.0 network to be kept informed of future events. Recordings from previous years are available under the Archives tab at Library 2.0 and at the Library 2.0 YouTube channel.

Funding for this project is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services – LG-98-17-0209-17. The views, presentations, conclusions or recommendations expressed on this website or in the conference do not necessarily represent those of the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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