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Makerspaces Event Recordings + "Are You Global Ready?" The 2017 GEC Online Conference Is Coming!

The Library 2.017 Makerspaces mini-conference recordings have been posted! You can find them at:
Included in the recordings are: the keynote sessions from Heather Moorefield-Lang, June Abbas, Leanne Bowler, Kristin Fontichiaro, and Kyungwon Koh; the pre-conference special webinar with Susan Considine and Mike Cimino from the Fayetteville Free Library on "STEAM and Making at the FFL;" and our general sessionsTara Smith + Jessica McClean--'Hosting Maker Days and Forging Collaborative Partnerships in Anticipation of an Academic Library Makerspace;' Alisha Wilson + Nancy Stetzinger--'Keeping It Fresh: How to Create and Sustain a Maker Culture that Motivates Teens;' Ben Rearick--'Proposal for a Theoretical Framework for Small + Rural Libraries Supporting Entrepreneurs;' Rachel Seltz--'Volunteers at Your Library Makerspace;' IdaMae Craddock--'From Makerspace to Learning Commons: What's Next;' Rebecca Ferrer--'From Zero to System Wide Makerspace in 3 Grants and 4 Years;' Josh Weisgrau +Jessica Parker--'Librarians are Maker Champions: Here's how you can be too!;' Kristina A. Holzweiss--'Making a Difference:' Morgan Chivers + Katie Musick Peery--'Walking the Walk: iterative design in student staff service learning projects;' Hilda Gómez--'Bibliotecas Activas;' Abigail L. Phillips--'Finding What Fits: Approachability of Makerspaces and Making in the Library;' Robert Pronovost--'Low Cost Tools to Bring Making into Your Library;' Stephanie Piper--'Smart Working for Active Makerspaces;' and Martin Wallace, Katie Peery, + Morgan Chivers--'Making Maker Literacies: Competencies-based Course Integration of Academic Library Makerspaces.'

The 8th Annual Global Education Conference (GEC)
November 13 - 16, 2017

The Global Education Conference Network's eighth annual worldwide collaboration on globally-connected education will take place around the clock starting Monday, November 13, and continue through Thursday, November 16.

This event is FREE to attend, but does require that you REGISTER! Please register HERE

The GEC features thought leaders from the world of education and beyond, is completely free to attend and takes place online in live webinar format. We invite you to join the 25,600 GEC community members (from 170+ countries) and actively participate in dozens of sessions focused on international education topics. Some important conference updates are below:
  • Still Taking Proposals
  • Keynotes + Sessions
  • Thanks to the GEC Sponsors + Partners
We're Still Taking Proposals!

The call for proposals is open until November 5th. We encourage all to submit by following the detailed directions listed here. If accepted, you can present in your time zone at a time that is convenient to you!

Keynotes + Sessions

As usual, Lucy Gray is putting together an INCREDIBLE keynote speaker lineup and it is still growing.
  • Mali Bickley (Collaboration Specialist, TakingITGlobal)
  • David Bornstein (Co-Founder + CEO, Solutions Journalism Network)
  • Fabrice Fresse (Member of EvalUE, EvalUE)
  • Michael Furdyk (Co-founder, TakingITGlobal)
  • Terry Godwaldt (Executive Director, The Centre for Global Education)
  • Seán Ó Grádaigh (National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG))
  • Alan Mather (Chief, Office of College + Career Success)
  • Ann S. Michaelsen (Teacher and school leader, Sandvika vgs)
  • Jean-Luc Moreau (President, EvalUE association)
  • Dana Mortenson (CEO + Co-founder, World Savvy)
  • Jennie Niles (DC's Deputy Mayor of Education)
  • Lori Roe (Instructional Technology Specialist, Delaware Department of Education)
  • Maggie Mitchell Salem (Executive Director, QFI)
  • Ariel Tichnor-Wagner (Senior Fellow of Global Competence, ASCD)
  • Erin Towns (Global Educator, Edward Little High School)
  • Liam Wegimont (Chairperson, GENE)
  • Dr. Jennifer Williams (Director of Education Strategy, Participate)
Below are the session titles and presenters for our 59 currently-accepted general sessions, and more of these are coming as well! Full details are here.
  • Amplifying Student Voices Globally Via the Our Global Classroom What If Grid. - Bronwyn Joyce
  • Beyond Our Borders: Fostering Global Competency Through Student Travel and Virtual Exchanges - Cynthia Derrane
  • Bringing learning BACK INTO the classroom - Liu Yijie
  • Bringing the world to rural environments - Peter Raatz
  • Children's Literature, Math, and Global Connections - Oh My! - Glenna Gustafson
  • Classroom Conversations with the World - Paul Hurteau
  • Conference Proposal #WebDay - Sean Terwilliger
  • Connecting Kids @SOS Children Village Globally - a dive into iEARN projects - Sheeba Ajmal
  • Connecting through Architecture: Minecraft in the Language Classroom - Kathleen Reardon
  • Cosmopolitan Project Based Learning - Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals in PBL - Craig Perrier
  • Creating Change through Youth Empowerment - Mahika
  • Designing for All: Lessons from a Global Network of Maker Classrooms - Lisa Jobson
  • Developing Globally Competent Students - Ann C. Gaudino
  • Enhancing Intercultural Communication through an International Film Club - Helaine W. Marshall
  • Exploring Gender Neutral/Inclusive Bathrooms in Libraries: A Global Perspective - Raymond Pun
  • Food Rescue through a High School - Toni Olivieri-Barton
  • Foundations of Global Learning: Creating Global Citizens in the First-Year Experience - Dr. Shelbee NguyenVoges
  • Global Learning Collaboration in a Less Tech World - Dr. Reynaldo L. Duran
  • Global Mentors Project: Connecting Student Teachers with Mentors from Around the World - Terry Smith
  • Global PBL in the Digital Age - Brad Bielawski
  • Global Scholar Diploma at the High School Level - Toni Olivieri-Barton
  • Global Students Global Perspectives - Amazing Race Project - Laurie Clement
  • Going Beyond the Hour of Code - Bryan L. Miller
  • Great Global Challenge Project Awardee Presentation: Why should I study a Foreign Language? - Ruth Valle
  • Harnessing the Power of Children's Literature to Teach Math and Global Themes - Glenna Gustafson
  • High School Global Issues Class as a Springboard for Creating Young Activists - Adam Carter
  • How can schools be vehicles for creating community wellness? - Jennifer Moore
  • How might preparation for and engagement in a protest poetry festival enhance Grade 10 boys’ understanding of global conflict? - Glynnis Moore
  • How to create inclusion and shared power in virtual exchange partnerships. - Jack Haskell
  • How to increase global competency in students: A research-based discussion with Empatico - Chelsea Donaldson
  • iEARN - Girl Rising project - R. Allen Witten
  • Integration of Global Outdoors Learning Blogs, TED Ed Lessons and Global Goals in Management Courses - Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche
  • Intercultural Competence - Shawn Simpson
  • Intercultural Competence For Educators: What's In It For Me? - Dr. Whitney Sherman
  • Just Little ol' Me Sharing my Global Collaboration Experiences. - Lynn Koresh
  • Maverick Leadership - Mike Lawrence
  • More Than Current Events- A Globally Connected Triad of Tri-BOBs - Noa Daniel
  • One Truth and a Million Truths: Teaching History in a Globalizing World - Nayun Eom
  • Online global collaboration - enablers, barriers and implications for teacher education - Julie Lindsay
  • Opening up Statistics Education to a Global Audience - Larry Musolino
  • Power of Impact Cinema: How to bring the world into your classroom? - Gemma Bradshaw
  • Practice Active Global Citizenship with the K-12 Global Art Exchange - Paul Hurteau
  • Preparing Students for Careers in a Globally Connected World - Heather Singmaster
  • Promote Global Tolerance + Celebrate Cultural Diversity by Creating New Media with the My Hero Project - Wendy Milette
  • Promoting Internationalism In Teaching And Preparing Global Citizens Through Exchange Projects: Different But The Same Project As An Example - Mr. Omar Titki
  • Ripples Make Waves: Bring The Global Water Crisis Into Your Classroom - Joan Roehre
  • talking kites in the footsteps of J. Korczak - Ruty Hotzen
  • Teaching Math and Global Themes with Children's Literature - Glenna Gustafson
  • Tech Trip: Using EdTech to Get the Most Out of Global Travel - Kathleen Reardon
  • Teens Dream: A global video contest for teens to express their dreams as they relate to one of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Linda Staheli
  • The power of case studies - Anne Fox
  • Tips for starting your own DIY Global Youth Summit - Tara Kajtaniak
  • Tutoring Students Online to Promote Universal Access to a Quality Education - Kasey Beck
  • Understanding the Reproductive Health Education Needs for Sustainable Development - Ms. Eunmi Song
  • Use Design Thinking to Integrate Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into STEM - Barbara Bray
  • Utilizing School-Based Virtual Field Trips for Global Learning - Dr. Stacy Delacruz
  • Virtual STEM Competition-Your Community, Your World - Volita Russell
  • What's a Crankie?? Using Creative Story Exchanges to Build Global Competence and Connect Students Across Borders - Cora Bresciano
  • World Peace Music Project - Yoshiro Miyata
Thanks to the GEC Sponsors

Without the support of the following organizations, GlobalEdCon would not be possible. We are grateful for companies and organizations who believe in the power of globally connected learning. Contact Steve Hargadon ( about opportunities to get involved with our community.

That's all for now, but there is a lot more to come! Be sure to REGISTER and then join the Global Education Conference network to receive daily updates about the conference and notice of any changes. Thank you for your continuing support, and...

See you online!

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