Thursday, January 19, 2017

Creating a Worldwide (Online) "Technology & Learning" Conference

This is something I care deeply about.

After eight years of holding online and global education-related conferences (with hundreds of keynotes, thousands of sessions, and hundreds of thousands of attendees), I'm planning my most ambitious event ever: a massive, worldwide, online, and free conference devoted to technology and learning. Something that really helps to connect people and ideas, and to change education.

With your help, I want this to be a groundbreaking event.

In the survey that is linked below, there are four very quick, easy-to-answer questions that will help me to know what is important to you.

For those who are willing to go the extra mile, there are then five optional "deeper thinking" questions that address the role of technology in learning, the answers to which I will release in public form (all that give permission)--and will also use to produce a report on technology and education, which will be released for free in the coming weeks.

With sincere appreciation, and hoping to "see you online!"


P.S. Three quick additional notes:

1) I’m partnering with Acer Education to develop the free report and look forward to your responses. Learn more about Acer Education here: Big thanks to them!

2) Mark your calendar for our 11th annual (and free) "Hack Education" all-day unconference on Saturday, June 24th, at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio. Details will be posted at, where you can also enter your email address to be kept updated on event details. Hope you'll consider joining us for what is always a terrific day (and after-party!).

3) If you're interested in talking about sponsorship for this or any of the conferences I help run (the Global Education Conference, Library 2.0, the Global Student Conference, or any other), please email Thanks!

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