Monday, December 12, 2016

Wednesday Webinar - Turn Your PCs into Chromebooks, Now Easier Than Ever

"Turn Your PCs into Chromebooks, Now Easier Than Ever" (30 mins)

Date + Time:
December 14th, 2pm US-Eastern (click for your own time zone) 

GoToWebinar (online). Register for the link to the free live event, a calendar reminder, and to be sent the recording.

Installing CloudReady is the only way to turn your PCs and Macs into fully functional Chromebooks, making your existing labs and carts with older computers useful again.  CloudReady is compatible with over 200 of the most common models sold in the past 9 years.
Now, with our new step-by-step installation guide, CloudReady is easier to install than ever.  And your converted computers can be managed in the Google Admin console! Receive a special 15% discount at the end just by attending!”

Agenda (30 mins):
  • CloudReady introduction
  • Product demonstration
  • Free trial + special discount from The Learning Revolution

[This is a commercial event. The Learning Revolution project markets (and loves) CloudReady as a way of raising funds for our other virtual events.]

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