Monday, November 14, 2016

2016 Global Education Conference - 53 Live Sessions on Tuesday, Day Three!

Tuesday, November 15th, is day three of the seventh annual Global Education Conference. We are ready for another great day of sessions and keynotes!


Wonderful Keynote on Peace by Anne Polaski and Diane Repaal at

The list of today's sessions, in US-Eastern Standard Time, is below. To see the the full conference schedule in your own time zone, with the direct links to session rooms, go to the conference schedule page

Want to volunteer to help moderate sessions? It's not too late! Sign up and information here. It's a ton of fun, you'll be doing some good, and you'll have the undying gratitude of the conference organizers!

Tuesday, November 15th

  • (iEARN) cultural package exchange project - Mrs Asma Al Beriki
  • Why Baki Matters II: Stories and Projects from Silk Road - Melda Yildiz, Ed.D.

  • Creating Broader Perspectives Through Oral History - Ryan Harwood - Technology Integration Coach
  • Five Years of Global Learning in a Little World- HLW Skypers - Anne Mirtschin
  • Pescando Estudiantes: Aguilas pescadoras y la clase experiencial de español - Mark Viser, Spanish Teacher, Dept. of Foreign Languages
  • (iEARN) Using Digital Media for Global Collaboration: A Look at Two iEARN Projects - Chris Baer, Arts and Technology Teacher, iEARN Project Facilitator and Curriculum Developer
  • Psychic Distance Phenomena and Global Education - Susan Boyle, MFA, Full Time Faculty
  • Publishing Student-Created eBooks to Foster Collaborative Global Sharing and Building of Knowledge - Francis Jim Tuscano, Grade School Teacher and Ed Tech Coach and Consultant
  • (iEARN) Global Collaboration Creates Bridges for Globa Citizens - Kheira Mezough , Country Coordinator
  • Enhancing Understanding in the Culturally-Diverse or Globally-Connected Classroom Using Screencasts - Dr. Crystal L. Sears, M.A., LLPC - Faculty
  • Harmonizing Global Alliances: A Case Study of Afghanistan - Maria A. Beebe, Ph.D., Anthropology Department Affiliate
  • One Heart Anti-Bullying Program - Janet Lee-Instructional Designer
  • Resources for Integrating Latin American Studies Across the Curriculum - Mary Risner, Associate Director
  • KEYNOTE: Kevin Smith - "Global Competence and Dual Language Programming: A purposeful, systematic integration of language and culture"
  • (iEARN) Talking Kites Around the World - Ruty Hotzen
  • Citizen Journalism - Lesley Farmer, Professor of Library Media
  • Creating Global Competency by Infusing Media Asset Projects into your Classroom - Darla Kay Hill, Education Consultant and EdTech Strategist
  • Preparation for Teaching in a Global Classroom - Heather MacCleoud, Director – Academic Programs
  • The importance of global education to the inquiry approach to learning in preparing the child for the 21st century - Paul Loranger
  • (iEARN) EFL Youth Voices Project - Dr Daniela Munca-Aftenev
  • Building Bridges Though Intercultural Communication - Joe McVeigh, Author and Educational Consultant
  • Effective Use of Collaborative Online Discussion Boards and Netiquette Guidelines - Nadine Aboulmagd, Online Content Developer
  • Learning to Ask Better Questions, Together. - Reuben Thiessen, CTO
  • The Partnership Continuum: Building Global Partnerships that Work - Jennifer D. Klein, Global Educator and Author
  • KEYNOTE: Beate Nguyen, MA.Ed. - "Global Ed (Urgent Action + Critical Lens)"
  • El Continuum de "Asociaciones Globales": Creando Intercambios Globales que Funccionan - Jennifer D. Klein, Educadora Global y Autora
  • Integrating Dual Language with Global Learning through Project-Based Inquiry - Meg Van Voorhis, Manager of Curriculum and Instructional Services
  • Study Abroad, Language Acquisition and Cultural Competencies A Case Study - Nadra Garas
  • What Does Global Competency Look Like for Our Youngest Global Citizens--Toddlers and Preschoolers? - Susannah Wheelwright (former World Geography teacher, now stay-at-home mom)
  • #GlobalSpeedChat--A Worldwide Collaboration of Students - Jennifer Hesseltine & Kim Preshoff, Teachers in New York
  • Create globally connected students with a 'school within a school' - Kyle Wagner- Futures Academy Coordinator at The International School of Beijing
  • Learning for a Purpose and Caring about the World with The Dream Flag Project - Jeff Harlan, Co-Founder
  • Notes from the Field: Dual Language and Global Content in Action - Rocio Aguilar, Instructional Specialist
  • KEYNOTE: Joseph Ball
  • Excursions in Mathematics: A Global Education Project - Tammy L Jones, Consultant
  • Experiential Learning: Discover Cuba Without a Passport - Ruth Valle, Spanish Teacher
  • The concept of participation in education and learning: What can the educational field learn from other domains? - Ioana Literat, Assistant Professor of Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design
  • What roles can school librarians play in global cultural competence? - Dr. Lesley Farmer, Professor of Library Media
  • Creative Use of QR Codes to Support Global Educational Partnerships - Dr. Susan Jacques Pierson Associate Professor of Education
  • Globalizing the English Common Core Reading Materials - Ashley Gwinn Master Teacher and Curriculum Specialist
  • Increasing Global Competence in K-12 Education - Ann C. Gaudino, Ed.D.
  • Promoting Student Success in Statistics by Investigating Worldwide global problems - Larry Musolino
  • KEYNOTE: Chip Kimball + Tim Stuart - Changing Education: From Teacher Agency to Student Agency
  • American Literature and History as a Springboard into Global Social Issues - Mr. Ryan Smith
  • Blog Building: The Basics of Shaping & Sharing Your Voice as a Global Educator - Heather Singmaster, Host, Global Learning Blog, Education Week
  • Bringing the World to Your Classroom - Connie Rensink
  • Committing Global Knowledge to Action Through Project Based Learning - Jim Zacchini, Senior Implementation Associate
  • Agentes De Cambio - Pedro Aparicio M.S.
  • Estructuración y reestructuración de modelos y esquemas mentales con recursos digitales" - Maestro en Ciencias Alfonso Ángel Carballo Hernández
  • Master Project- Based Learning in 5 simple steps - Kyle Wagner: School Transformation and Project- Based Learning Coach
  • Using TED Ed to improve your student reseach and learning - David J. Burt
  • KEYNOTE: Tudor Clee - "Sharing the kids eye view of the world"
  • Teacher Travel = Student Learning - Connie

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