Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Third Annual OZeLive Online Conference Early Keynote Today by Lucy Gray

The three-day online and free OZeLive conference, February 26 - 28 in Australia/New Zealand time zones, gets an advance preview today with an early keynote address by Global Education Conference co-founder and co-chair Lucy Gray: ""Going Global: Project-Based Learning with a Global Focus."

The conference theme this year is "Connected Educators Shine on the World Stage." The current schedule is below. Join the fun and see the up-to-date conference schedule in your own time zone at OZeLive.com or http://australianeducators.ning.com.

For the benefit of those in North America, times listed below are US-EST. See the schedule for your own time zone, any updates, and the actual links for attending individual sessions..

Tuesday, February 23


  • Lucy Gray: Keynote 1 OZeLIVE 2016 "Going Global: Project-Based Learning with a Global Focus"

Thursday, February 25


  • Alicia Recigno OZeLIVE 2016 "Creating Powerful Curriculum Using Student Experiences"


  • Lisa Della Porte Keynote 2 OZeLIVE 2016 "Exploring Responsible Digital Citizenship"


  • Julie Lindsay Keynote 3 OZeLIVE 2016 "The Dragon that Roars: The imperative of online global collaborative learning"

Friday, February 26


  • Ben Newsome Keynote 4 OZeLIVE 2016 "Teaching science globally via video conferencing: learning opportunities abound!"


  • Developing Wisdom - Paul Loranger


  • Creativity and the Classroom: Reflect, Create, Dream, Diagram, Model, Propose - Linda Keane, Professor of Architecture and Environmental Design


  • Moving Students up the Cultural Ladder - Harry G Tuttle, Ed. D.


  • Collaboratively Designing First Year Information Literacy Program in Fresno State - Raymond Pun, First Year Student Success Librarian
  • Higher-Level Thinking Mobile Activities - Harry Tuttle, Ed.D.


  • Deanne Joosten Keynote 5 OZeLIVE 2016 "The Technology Toolbox - Innovative resources for your classroom"

Producing Digital Texts for the Australian Curriculum - Vanessa Crouch

Saturday, February 27


  • Persona dolls: Dressed for learning - Jo Freitag


  • Bron Stuckey Keynote 6 OZeLIVE 2016 "Gamification, Community of Practice and Open Badges"


  • Using Student Narrative to Support Universal Design for Learning in Online Delivery (Foundational Learning courses) - Lindy Fors Coordinator, Academic Upgrading


  • STEAM: Math and Modeling with Paper - Linda Keane, Professor of Architecture and Environmental Design


  • Students as Agents of Peace - Lisa DellaPorte, Program Operations Manager


  • Manhal Shukayr Keynote 7 OZeLIVE 2016 "Toastmasters - What's in it for me"

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