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The Learning Revolution
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October 1st, 2014

There is not such a cradle of democracy upon the earth as the Free Public Library.
- Andrew Carnegie

The Learning Revolution Project holds online and physical learning events, and highlights professional development opportunities from a network of 200 partners in the learning professions. The great majority of these events are free to attend. We also highlight good conversations about learning taking place between educators, learners, leaders, and others from the school, library, museum, work, adult, online, non-traditional and home learning worlds.

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Learning Revolution Events

Partner Spotlight


Veterans Connect @ the Library California public libraries, in partnership with California Department of Veterans Affairs, are working to connect veterans and their families to benefits and services for which they are eligible. Libraries, in collaboration with community veteran service organizations, can positively impact the quality of life for veterans. More information at

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Partner Announcements

One Week Calendar

All events are listed in US-Eastern Daylight Time. To become an event partner and have your events listed here, please email

  • Wednesday, October 1st at 4pm ISTE Webinar: Equity in Education: Actively Engaging Girls in STEM Education, Discover instructional strategies that engage all youth in STEM, with a specific focus on girls. Learn about proven activities and program examples and get resources for immediate implementation in your classroom or program. Hear about exemplary practices such as utilizing role models and mentors, easy and fun hands-on activities, and ways to improve the classroom climate and interactions between students to create a community that inspires. See more information here.
  • Wednesday, October 1st at 9pm Mattering IS the Agenda with Angela Maiers. Join us for a special Webinar series with Angela Maiers as she discusses implementing the "Mattering IS the Agenda" toolkit for transformational change. The Webinars are free, but when you purchase the "Mattering IS the Agenda" toolkit you get exclusive access to the recordings. More information and login details at
  • Wednesday, October 1st at 9pm Teachers Teaching Teachers, Weekly conversations hosted by EdTechTalk, a collaborative open webcasting community. For more information, click here.
  • Saturday, October 4th at 12pm CR20 LIVE: Michael Fricano on Revolutionize the Research Process w/ Google Drive, The research process can be dizzying and overwhelming for students. Mismanagement and disorganization can create havoc for student projects! With Google Drive’s built in Research Tool, the Add-Ons gallery, and its useful collaboration features, the research process can be simplified and revolutionized! In this session, participants will learn about these tools and features and will be given time to explore. Lesson ideas, projects, student samples, and a collection of free-to-use resources will also be showcased. Details to join the webinar at
  • Sunday, October 5th at 8pm IHAQ - I Have A Question, Building off the conversation in ELT Live #2, Jennifer has more questions surrounding the set up of a course or project website. While there is likely no "perfect" platform or solution, we will contemplate important needs and key decisions. See you at
  • Monday, October 6th at 4pm - Michael Levine on "Level Up Learning: Teaching with Games in the Classroom". Join us for a special Gaming in Ed post-conference keynote with Michael H. Levine, Executive Director of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, who had to reschedule his conference keynote! He will discuss research and industry initiatives intended to drive engaging instruction and authentic assessment through game-based learning. He will share findings from a national survey of teachers who use games, video vignettes of model programs, and highlight some of the work covered by the Games and Learning Publishing Council and, a new site featuring cutting-edge research and dynamic features for teachers, game developers and investors. Log in at

For a full calendar of all upcoming events and conferences, click here.


Highlighted Recordings

Marianne Malmstrom from Gaming in Ed - on "Follow the Learning"


Seann Dikkers from Gaming in Ed - on "TeacherCraft: Amazing Teachers using Minecraft in the Classroom"


Bronwyn Stuckey from the Gaming in Ed - on "Game Inspired Learning: A chance to re-imagine and reframe learning"


NMC Navigator Top Ten

Top Learning Tech Stories of the Week from the NMC/Horizon Project Navigator.

  1. How Computer Coding Can Increase Engagement, Provide a Purpose for Learning
  2. The Future of Travel Has Arrived: Virtual-Reality Beach Vacations
  3. Kids coding at school: 'When you learn computing, you're thinking about thinking'
  4. 8 Tips to Create a Twitter-Driven School Culture
  5. With the Right Technology, Can Children Teach Themselves?
  6. Gaze-Tracker Lets You Connect to Devices with a Glance
  7. Ringgold Elementary School hosts technology workshops for parents
  8. Penn State Students Use Technology to Help Boal Museum Reach Community
  9. British Museum to be digitally recreated in Minecraft
  10. Rhode Island Schools Embark on a Blended Learning Odyssey

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Flat Connections


Education Revolution Google+ Community

  • Debunking the Mind/Body Dichotomy for Improved Learning. A recent PBS Education article by Annie Murphy Paul describes the powerful influence of physical experience on learning and retention. This perspective, known as “embodied cognition,” is now becoming a lens through which to look at educational technology. Work in the field shows promising signs that incorporating bodily movements—even subtle ones—can improve the learning that’s done on computers. The article explores cognitive research on the connection between neurological pathway development and student manipulation of the physical learning environment. Read more here, and consider ways you can incorporate physical experience in your lesson planning.
  • Language Learning in a Flipped Classroom. Fausto Puppo's recent article describes how EFL teachers can begin to shift the learning landscape in their classrooms by using the flipped model. Puppo shares simple tips for getting started with this type of transition and reasons that a flipped EFL classroom can be more effective for English language learners. It makes more class time available for students to engage in meaningful interaction in the target language while the teacher is present to offer feedback as needed. This is particularly useful in situations in which English is not normally spoken outside the classroom and it is necessary to maximize student talk time in English during class. Read more here.
  • Flipped Classroom Infographics. Check out this great list of infographics explaining the flipped model, including learning theory and a great set of tools you can use to flip your own classroom.

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