Monday, September 01, 2014

Support Our Free Professional Development! 3 Clicks Brings Us a Dollar and Brings You 24 Interactive HP Training Programs.


Our Learning Revolution FREE educational conferences had 100,000 attendee log-ins last year. Hopefully you benefited from one or more of them! You can now help support this amazing free PD by signing up for the (also free) HP LIFE e-Learning Initiative - for every registration through the links on this page HP will give $1. It's a little bit more than 3 actual clicks (name, email address, checkboxes), but you get the idea!

Teachersclick to build your own business and entrepreneurial skills, and share with your students!

Studentsclick for free interactive and practical courses to build your business skills and your network contacts.

Everyone: whether building or changing careers, click for free training and to find customers. Share this offer far and wide!

And then please share on Twitter:

"Support @stevehargadon Free PD --> 3 Clicks = 1 Dollar #HPLIFE Please RT!"

"Support's Free PD --> 3 Clicks = 1 Dollar #HPLIFE Please RT!"


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