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The Free and Online 2014 School Leadership Summit Starts Wednesday! (Full Session List)

Our second annual School Leadership Summit is this week, and we hope you will consider joining us for some or many of the 60+ free online presentations and keynote addresses. We have had such an enthusiastic response to this event that we have expanded the conference this year: we will start Wednesday afternoon/evening and go through Friday mid-day (US Time).

A full list of the speakers and topics is included at the end of this message. We hope it gets you excited to attend! The conference is held in the online platform Blackboard Collaborate, and instructions for joining any sessions and to find the schedule in your own time zone are at http://admin20.org/page/schedule.

Tell a Friend / Colleague

The conference is open to ALL, so please tweet, blog, email, or shout at your friends and colleagues to let them know about us.

We have some great new features this year!
  • We have gotten much more mobile-friendly, as there are Collaborate apps for iOS and Android, and the conference schedule and session links can be easily accessed on mobile devices by going to http://www.admin20.org from your mobile device or clicking on the "mobile schedule" link in the Summit menu. You're going to be amazed at how easy it is to participate in a session without being bound to your desktop.
  • We have a live chat and help area which you can access from the conference menu or by going to theconferencelounge.me. It's a great way to continue conversations with other participants or to ask for help or advice.
  • We'll be tweeting out a reminder about an hour before for each conference session with each of the session links. If you want to follow those tweets, you can either track the conference hashtag #ticalsls14 or you can follow the Learning Revolution Twitter account at @learnrevproject.

We kick off the conference with two special pre-conference speakers on Wednesday night: Bill Brennan, one of last year's keynote speakers returns as a "distinguished speaker" at 4pm US-Pacific / 7pm US-Eastern Time; and Eric Sheninger is our first conference keynote speaker at 5pm US-Pacific / 8pm US-Eastern. Then the official conference opening keynote will be with Pam Moran and Ira Socol at 7am US-Pacific / 10am US-Eastern, followed by sessions until Friday at 12noon US-Pacifc / 3pm US Eastern. Scott McLeod is our mid-day keynote speaker on Thursday, and Mike Lawrence and Mike Muir serve as closing keynote speakers Friday in the last hour. More information on all of these great folks at http://admin20.org/page/keynotes.


We can't say enough about the AMAZING conference volunteers who help to moderate conference sessions. (You are all terrific!) If you have the time we encourage you to be a conference volunteer--we need your help! More information at http://admin20.org/group/volunteers.


A HUGE shout-out and thanks to our conference sponsors this year: founding conference partner TICAL, new partner/sponsor ACSA, and our good friend Larry Wilson from Wilson Consulting. They make it possible for this event to be free to all to attend, so tell them you appreciate them! And special thanks to Blackboard Collaborate for the terrific conference platform.


Below is the full list of conference sessions in US-Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4). To see the conference schedule in your own time zone, and for instructions on how to click through and enter a session, please go to our schedule page.

Wednesday, March 26

  • DISTINGUISHED SPEAKER - Dr. Bill Brennan - Schools That Un-Learn: The Key to Sustainability

  • KEYNOTE - Eric Sheninger: Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times

Thursday, March 27

  • WELCOME + OPENING KEYNOTE - Pam Moran & Ira Socol - Maker Leaders Build Hope

  • (ACSA) Data Privacy and Our Students- How much is being shared and who are we trusting with the information? - Rod Federwisch & Karen Goss
  • Assessing and Developing Modern Language Fluency For Global Communication - Harry Tuttle, Ed.D.
  • Blended Learning Cohorts for Powerful and Sustainable Professional Development - Chad Fairey, Head of School
  • The Easy and Hard Problems in the Transformational Use of Digital Media in Schools - James Bosco, Professor Emeritus
  • What are the traits of an effective Elementary Physical Education program in today's world - Francis J. Lynott III PhD

  • (ACSA) Facilitating 21st century Learning with Technology- Navigating the Change with a 20th Century Mindset - Dr. Charles Young & Bhavna Narula
  • Handling Ethical Issues for Developing Digital Citizenship - Dr. Revathi Viswanathan
  • Improved Reporting Triples Educators’ Accuracy When Analyzing Data - Jenny Grant Rankin, Ph.D. (Former Teacher, Site Admin, & District Admin)
  • Process Education: Effective Communication, Reaching Every Person - Tracy Watanabe Technology Integration Specialist and Common Core Co-Coordinator
  • SPOTLIGHT - Students as Producers of Content, Not Merely Consumers - Will Kimbley, Instructional Technology Consultant

  • (ACSA) Preventive Discipline - Sherman Garnett
  • ACTFL's New Can Do Statements: Implications for the Modern Language Classroom - Harry Tuttle, Ed.D
  • Free Synchronous Meeting Tools to Deliver Faculty Professional Development - Dr. Rochelle Franklin, Director of Faculty Training and Development
  • Providing follow-up support to village school teachers for improved teaching and learning processes - Mr. Asher Javaid
  • Who Has Time for Data? Making Data Informed Decision Making Part of the School Culture - Dr. Evelyn Wassel, Supervisor of Technology Integration
  • Cultivating Transformative Leadership Skills Among Teacher Candidates in Global Education - Melda N. Yildiz, Teacher Educator

  • Edmodo – An Asynchronous M├ętier - Ms. Amina Gorie Sindhi
  • SPOTLIGHT - Content Curation as a Context for Teaching and Learning in Science - Eric A. Walters, Director of Technology
  • SPOTLIGHT - Creating Multi-Media Presentations for the Flipped Classroom - Larry Wilson Consultant

  • KEYNOTE - Scott McLeod - Building Capacity: Taking Leaders From Vision to Implementation

  • (ACSA) Facilitating Academic Discourse - Dr. Angel Barrett
  • Bringing the World to Your Classroom - Kathryn Stoerzbach Educational Promotion Manager
  • GLOBAL SPOTLIGHT - A Vision for Education and Change in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone - Jennifer D. Klein, Global Education Consultant and Speaker
  • Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners - Akevy Greenblatt
  • The A-Z Administrators Guide to Evernote - Jeffrey Bradbury

  • (ACSA) The Ignored Curriculum - Vicente Bravo & Maria Hwang de Bravo
  • Building Online Departmental Community Through Leadership - Barbara c.g. Green, Academic Assistant Chair Composition
  • Career and Work Readiness Global Success Story - Integrating economic, employment, and education outcomes - Brian Cunningham, President and Chief Strategist
  • Discussion Board Strategies - Marla Cartwright, Faculty Developer
  • Using On-line Collaborative Learning Platforms to Create Global Citizenship - Adam Carter, Teacher & Global Citizen

  • (ACSA) ON[the]LINE - Dr Kelly Calhoun & Elizabeth Calhoon
  • SPOTLIGHT - Say It With Social Media - A Student Perspective - Student Technology Leadership Team - Marymount School
  • Take Your Classroom Global! - Tania Rashid, Global Education Program Administrator
  • What School Leadership Should Look Like for the Future School Year - Mrs Fabiana Casella
  • “We are emotional beings in a social setting:” How the use of symbols, ritual, ceremony, and stories to build meaning, are the keys to positive school culture and climate. - Dr. Patrick Faverty, Executive director

  • Mobile Language Tasks For Authentic Learning - Kara Mac Donald
  • SPOTLIGHT - Bill Honig - Implications for Leadership in the Implementation of Common Core
  • The Passionate Professional: Understanding the Layers of Learning - Jennifer Marten, GT Coordinator/Online School
  • Using Artistic Praxis to Improve Classroom Practice - Willa J. Taylor, Director, Education and Engagement
  • Using Local Resources to Teach Globally - Gregory Adler

  • (ACSA) Closing the Secondary Achievement Gap Using Response to Intervention and Instruction (RtI2) - Erik Burmeister
  • Flipped or Flipped Out? - Susan Blakely Secondary Math Teacher
  • Globalizing the High School U.S. History Survey Course: Free, Collaborative, and Self-Paced Professional Development - Craig J. Perrier - High School Specialist, Social Studies; Adjunct Professor
  • SPOTLIGHT - Implementing BYOD—Instructional Strategies and Apps that Work - Susan Brooks-Young TICAL Cadre Member
  • Utilizing Electronic Portfolios in the Hiring, Mentoring, and Evaluation Processes - Ann Gaudino, Ed.D.

Friday, March 28

  • Hosting Virtual Meetings with Google+ Hangouts - Rita Zeinstejer, EFL Teacher, Instructional Technology Integrator
  • SPOTLIGHT - Using Technology to Bridge the Rural/Poverty Divide - Daisy Dyer Duerr, PreK-12 Principal (NASSP Digital Principal)
  • The Application of Gestalt Principles to Online Course Design, Course Pacing, and Assignment Design - Don Larson - Program Director Instructional Design and Technology Master of Science Degree
  • Using Theatre to Illuminate Core Subject Matter - Kelly J. Reed

  • Making a Better World: Digital Citizenship Resources for K-12 - Kelly Mendoza, Sr. Manager of Professional Development
  • Retention via Virtual Classroom Enhancement - Nancy A. Johnson, M.A.E., Professor
  • Two International Students With a Clear Vision of The Future of Education - Gabi Campos and Nik Hildebrandt (students)

  • Discovering and Curating High Quality Apps, Websites, and Games for Learning - Kelly Mendoza, Sr. Manager of Professional Development
  • Individual Professional Learning: when faculty owns their professional growth! - Dolores Gende. Director of Instructional Technology.
  • OpenEd - Free, Simple and Open Source - Lisa Blum, VP Maketing
  • Vision of Learning in changing world: Seeking academic credentials via blended learning mode - Rozina Jumani, Director Academic Affairs/Associate Professor

  • Balancing idealism and realism: A case study of sustainable educational leadership at school level - Rozina Jumani, Associate Professor/Director Academic Affairs
  • Blended Professional Development for Technology Integration to Meet the Common Core State Standards - Dr. Tracy Gray, Managing Director
  • Future Friendly Schools: living laboratories for 21st century teaching and learning - Michael Furdyk, Co-founder
  • What Montessori has to Share with the Modern Reform Movement - Jennifer Wyld, PhD Candidate, Research Assistant

  • CLOSING KEYNOTE - Mike Lawrence: Reclaim Your School's Teacher's Lounge - Develop Educational Entrepreneurs!
  • CLOSING KEYNOTE (following) - Mike Muir - Leading Beside: Change that Sticks

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