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The Learning Revolution
Weekly Update

February 4th

The key to the future of the world is finding the optimistic stories
and letting them be known.
- Pete Seeger

Welcome to the Learning Revolution. The technologies of the Internet and the Web are reshaping where, when, and from whom we learn. The Learning Revolution Project highlights virtual and physical events from Web 2.0 Labs and its partners. These events bring together educators, learners, leaders, and others to rethink and reinvent education. To receive the weekly Learning Revolution newsletter, please join the Learning Revolution network.


  • OZeLive: Ed Tech Down Under - February 22nd and 23rd. OZeLive, the Australian time-zone friendly education conference, is now accepting presentation proposals. While this conference is designed for presentations and participation from that part of the world, all are welcome. (North Americans, be prepared for 4pm to 8am EST!) Be sure to consider participating if those times are convenient for you. Join the network and get involved here.
  • New Media Consortium > Social Networks. I'll be the moderator for a New Media Consortium webinar tomorrow on Social Networking. This is a free event, and will be broadcast live on YouTube at 1pm EST. Register here to participate!
  • ISTE Virtual Conference 2014. I'll also be acting as moderator for a special three hour set of ISTE webinars on Thursday 2/13. This event will be a sneak peek of what's to come at ISTE 2014 in Atlanta. Please note that this event requires ISTE membership to attend. To learn more about this event (and find out about ISTE membership), visit http://www.iste.org/learn/resources/virtual-conference?id=2992.
  • School Leadership Summit - March 27th. The second annual School Leadership Summit (online) is still accepting presentation proposals. Find out more about the submission process here. We look forward to "seeing" you there!
  • Host Your Own Webinar Update Kim Caise inaugurated our Host Your Own Webinar program with her online event yesterday. Remember, if you're a non-profit or non-commercial organization you can host your own public education webinar using Blackboard Collaborate through the Learning Revolution. See details here.
  • New Calendar Partners. We have two new partners, whose events are highlighted in our main calendar: New Media Consortium and Internet2. For information on being a Learning Revolution partner, please email admin@web20labs.com.

One Week Calendar

All events are listed in US-Eastern Standard Time. To become an event partner and have your events listed here, please email admin@web20labs.com.
  • Tuesday, February 4th at 5pm Personlize Learning Webinar #4, Why Hope Matters with Keven Kroehler from EdVisions. Keven will talk about learners being able to make reasonable goals for learning, to develop plans to meet those goals and then how to persist in working on those plans. Read more about Keven and join the session here.
  • Wednesday, February 5th at 1pm NMC On the Horizon > Social Networks, What do social networks look like across different learning environments? Why are social networks important for teaching and learning? What are the challenges in implementing and managing social network projects? Learn more about this special ISTE members event and register to attend here.
  • Wednesday, February 5th at 7pm ISTE - Connecting the ISTE Standards with the Common Core, presented by Paula Don, Director of Educational Technology, School District of Philadelphia. This event is $49/non-members or $29/members. Register for this event here.
  • Wednesday, February 5th at 9pm Teachers Teaching Teachers, Weekly conversations hosted by EdTechTalk, a collaborative open webcasting community. For more information, click here.
  • Saturday, February 8th at 12pm CR20 LIVE Weekly Show - Featured Teacher: Todd Nesloney (@techninjatodd), Classroom 2.0 LIVE is an opportunity to gather with other member of the community in regular "live" web meetings. Details to join the webinar: http://live.classroom20.com. Follow us on Twitter: #liveclass20
  • Monday, February 10th at 8pm TL Virtual Cafe - #TLChat LIVE!, Second Monday of each month is the Teacher Librarian Twitter Chat. Follow #TLChat on Twitter to participate.


  • The inaugural OZeLive - Ed Tech Down Under online conference, February 22nd and 23rd
    Upcoming deadlines: Presentation proposals are being accepted between now and February 15th, 2014. Please see the conference strands and submission instructions here.
  • The free School Leadership Summit online conference, March 27th, 2014
    Upcoming deadlines: Presentation proposals are being accepted between now and March 15th, 2014. Proposals are be accepted on a rolling basis, so consider submitting now! Please see the instructions for submitting a proposal here.

Highlighted Recordings

Andrew Weiler from the Learning Revolution - on "Andrew's #learningrevolution". This is our first member-submitted #learningrevolution video! Thanks for your sharing this, Andrew! To learn more about submitting your own #learningrevolution video, see instructions below.


Lee Rainie from the Library 2.013 Conference - on "Libraries and Communities"


Yong Zhao from the School Leadership Summit 2013 - on "School Leadership"



Classroom 2.0
  • On the Same Day in March. Classroom 2.0 member, Chris, is looking for classrooms interested in participating in a fun project based on Marilyn Singer's book On the Same Day in March. See how your classroom can get involved here.
  • Do you have AVID experience? Joseph Schools is looking for folks with AVID program experience to share their tips for keeping students engaged, program improvements that they've witnessed, and any strategies for addressing diversity and different levels of ability in AVID programming. Do you or someone you know have insights to share? Get in touch with Joseph here.
  • Virtual Fieldtrips for Social Studies and History Educators. Classroom 2.0 super-member, Karen Cameron, shares a list of 5 incredible virtual fieldtrips for you and your students. Take your students to Egypt, Washington DC, or Mount Vernon right from your classroom! Check out this great resource here. Thanks, Karen!

Education Revolution Google+ Community
  • Tell the NEA what kind of learning environment you'd like to see. The National Education Association is looking for your input! If you had the power to create a structure to maximize time in school what would it look like? Would you scrap the traditional nine-month calendar for a more balanced one? Would you lengthen the school day and the school year? Or, would you group students by ability, not by age? Take a moment to share your ideas here.
  • A toast to public libraries!. George Bartan shared this great story...Fifteen year old CEO of Nay Games, Robert Nay, shares his public library love story in a news brief about his incredibly successful game development. His gaming apps have reached the top of the charts, and he gives credit to the coding resources he mastered at the Spanish Fork, Utah Public Library. Libraries really do change lives!

Global Education Conference
  • Summer opportunity at Yale. Global Education member, Alex Dekhterman, is seeking students from the international community for the LOTUS STEM summer program at Yale. Check out his post for details and contact info.
  • Kindergarten around the world. Kristen Paino has shared another opportunity for your kindergarten students to engage with their peers around the world. Kindergarteners will explore their similarities and differences with their global peers via Skype chats and classroom discussions. Get in touch with Kristen here.

Submit a Video or Quote

We'd like to feature a user submitted video each week. Get creative! Post your short video answer to the question: What does the learning revolution mean to you? We'll be highlighting one video each week, and sharing the rest on our YouTube channel. You need to include #learningrevolution in the title of your YouTube video.


Do you have a great quote on education? Send us your favorite education quote to add to our collection and we'll be sure to give you a shout out in our next newsletter.

This Week's Submitted Favorites

  • We begin with the hypothesis that any subject can be taught effectively in some intellectually honest form to any child at any stage of development.
    - Jerome Bruner
    Thanks to Maria Droujkova!
  • Classroom management comes more easily when students feel loved and respected.
    - Tyler Hester
    Thanks to Fabiana Casella!

Final Notes

One of the consolations of caring for my father before he died last month were moments too short for real work but just right to do something I love doing but rarely feel I can justify the time to do: going through some of the many collections of quotes that are collected online about education. I've always loved quotes, and think that even though they are often brief and out of context, or even sometimes misattributed, they perform a unique function of encapsulating categories of deeper thoughts about a topic. While this was necessarily a personal selection process, since the goal was to have good quotes to pull from for this newsletter and the website (and there are quotes that of course don't match my own thinking), there is no question that there is a significant disparity between the current public educational debates and the "wisdom of the ages." I am troubled at the shallow nature of much of what passes for educational thinking, and might suggest that some of you reading this newsletter to the very end here will find some food for thought in the collection we've been gathering here. Somehow we have to rediscover a broader sense of moral obligation and mission in education, and to cry foul when education is described in terms that make it a system of winners and losers, rigged toward those of privilege.

See you online!

Steve Hargadon

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