Monday, October 07, 2013

More "Cafe" Meetings with Online Heroes This Week! Come Join the Nightly Fun

Starting again tonight, and every weeknight during Connected Educator Month, join me from 7:30 - 8:30pm US-Eastern Daylight Time for an hour of online relaxed and social time with some great special guests. The recordings of our time with Dean Shareski, Vicki Davis, Larry Ferlazzo, and Angela Maiers are now available at

The links to join each night are also at

Tonight I'll be joined by a special mystery guest--a mystery, because we're still trying to make sure he/she can make it. (Maybe it's actually two people--if it is two people, and I'm not saying anything, these two people would be two of the highest energy people I know!) My fingers are crossed because you'll have a LOT of fun if he/she/they can. But even if not, you'll still have a lot of fun as we find ways to connect together online as educators.

Here is our schedule for the rest of the week:

Tuesday, October 8 (Making Informal PD Count):  Ira Socol and Kathleen Cushman

Wednesday, October 9 (Personalized Learning):  Karl Fisch, Lee Kolbert, and Will Richardson

Thursday, October 10 (21st Century Classroom Management):  Alice Keeler and Anne Mirtschin

Friday, October 11 (Connected Leadership):  David Loertscher, Tim Lauer, and Bill Brennan

And Here Is the Rest of the Month!

A list of the currently scheduled guest for the rest of the month is below, but it's changing every hour so don't come here to see it updated--go to to stay updated, or look for our events in the Connected Educators calendar. Each night is associated with one of the themes of Connected Educator Month, with the currently scheduled guests are to the right in bold type.

October 14 Connection to Collaboration:  Howard Rheingold, Shelly Terrell
October 15 Innovating STEM and Literacy:  Sylvia Martinez, Jackie Gerstein
October 16 Making Informal PD Count:  Peggy George, Karin Fasimpaur
October 17 Personalized Learning: Gwyneth Jones, Joyce Valenza
October 18 21st Century Classroom Management

October 21 Connected Leadership: Milton Chen
October 22 Connection to Collaboration: Julie Lindsay, Kathy Schrock,  Shannon Miller, Esther Wojcicki
October 23 Innovating STEM and Literacy: 
October 24 Making Informal PD Count: Lucy Gray,  Steven Anderson
October 25 Personalized Learning:

October 28 21st Century Classroom Management:  Suzie Boss, Jane Nelsen
October 29 Connected Leadership:  Keith Krueger, Scott McLeod
October 30 Connection to Collaboration:  Richard Byrne, Adam Bellow
October 31 Innovating STEM and Literacy

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