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The School Leadership Summit Is March 28th - All Welcome! Plus, Call for Volunteers

Thursday, March 28th, is our inaugural, online, and free School Leadership Summit.

Below you will find information about the event, how to attend, the current schedule of presentations, and a call for volunteers to help moderate sessions (we need you!).  Please distribute this information wherever you can.

The Summit:

The School Leadership Summit is a unique chance to participate in a virtual and collaborative global conversation on school leadership with presentations by practitioners.  Conference strands are aligned to the internationally-recognized ISTE National Education Technology Standards for Administrators and include the leadership topics of: Vision in a Changing World, Teaching and Learning in a Changing World, Professional Learning in a Changing World, Data-driven Reform in a Changing World, and Ethical and Responsible Use in a Changing World.  TICAL (the Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership) is the founding partner of the conference.

To Attend:

The Summit is held online using Blackboard Collaborate and open to anyone to attend.  The conference schedule is kept current at and during the conference will be viewable by specific world time zones. During the conference each session will also have a specific link to the Blackboard Collaborate room for the session, as well as instructions for using Collaborate (which works on all major computer platforms).  While not required for attendance, we do encourage you to join the conference host network to receive notices and announcements.  

Keynotes and Distinguished Speakers:

The Summit has a terrific set of keynote and distinguished speakers:  Michael Fullan, Yong Zhao, Bill Brennan, Pam Moran & Ira Socol, Lucy Gray, Keith Krueger, Eric Sheninger, and Steven Anderson.  More information at

The Schedule:

The current session schedule for the Summit is listed below.


Of course, and event like this is not possible without the terrific support of volunteers who help to moderate the virtual rooms for the conference!  If you are familiar with Blackboard Collaborate, or are willing to take the training to become so (, we are now calling for volunteers to sign up to help in time slots.  Please join us!  To volunteer, please 1) join the volunteer group at the website ( and 2) go to to sign up for specific time slots.  If you haven't been part of the volunteer team at one of our previous conferences, it's a great experience.  Thank you!

See you online!


Steve Hargadon
Co-Chair, 2013 School Leadership Summit

The Summit Schedule:

Times below are in US-Pacific Daylight Time (UTC/GMT - 7).  During the conference you will be able to view the schedule on pages specific for each of the world's time zones.  There are likely to be small changes to the schedule before the conference, so be sure to confirm final session times on the website.

Summit Welcome


Building a Productive School Community - Kathy Blackburn, Executive Director
Creating Social Awareness and Ethics Among Students - Ways and Means - Dr. Revathi Viswanathan
Gamifying Curriculum: Quest-Based Learning - Sean J. O'Neil, Technology Coordinator
How Can Mainstream Education Meet The Needs of Post-Modern Society? - Kim Jones, CEO
Professional Development Workshop for Citizenship Education & Conflict Analysis in Teaching of Social Studies - Noureen.M. Salim Reimoo
The use of the Interconnected Model of Teacher Professional Growth for the professional development of science teachers’ of a remote town - Mehreen Saleem
The winds of change: Harnessing technology to the school’s benefit - Chryssanthe Sotiriou High School EFL Coordinator

22nd Century Educational Leadership skills needed NOW! - The Bearded Dog (a.k.a. Frank Samuels) - Principal
Appropriate Digital Technology Use for School Leaders - Mike Ribble, Director of Information Technology
Digital Citizenship Education for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders - Dr. Lesley Farmer, Professor of Library Media
Mentoring skills for better leaders - Tamas Lorincz, freelance teacher trainer
The Social Media Dilemma in Education: Policy Design, Implementation and Effects - Dr. Devery J. Rodgers
Whole Child Arithmetic: More than the Sum of its Parts - Jason Flom, Director of Learning Platforms

Belief drives epistemology drives pedagogy. We teach based on our belief of how students learn. - Dr. Patrick Faverty, Faculty Lecturer
Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) Programs: Baby Steps for Schools - Susan Brooks-Young Author/Consultant
If Information Overload is the Sickness - Then Curating is the Cure! - Nancy White, 21st Century Learning & Innovation Specialist
Improving trust and co-operation in learning environments using Nonviolent Communication - Louise ROMAIN, Lead Trainer and Director of Peace Factory, trainer certified with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (
Professional Development Session for Mathematics Teachers - Rizwana Haji Mohammad
Teaching and Learning with iTunes U - Shelley Dirst, State Coordinator

Appreciative Leadership in Education - Tom Weegar, Regional Director, Port Alberni & Alberni-Clayoquot Region
Cultivating Innovative Leaders - Richard Kassissieh, Academic Dean
DISTINGUISHED SPEAKER: Leading for Radical Openness - Pam Moran & Ira Socol
Engaging Generation Z - Shannon Fulp / Instructional Technologist
Escaping Penitentiaries of Boredom - Jeff Cooper Gonzo Educator
Flipped Classrooms - Larry Wilson Consultant
Using Instructional Rounds to Create 21st Century Schools - Tracy Watanabe, Technology Integration Specialist

KEYNOTE: Yong Zhao

Engaging Students with 1:1 and an LMS - Pati Ruiz - Instructional Technology Coordinator
Infusing Technology Into the Common Core - Letia Cooper
Motivating the Reluctant Reader Through Technology - Dr.L. Robert Furman Principal
The Collaborative Essay - Colette Marie Bennett
Using Pinterest and Twitter to Build Your PLN - Elissa Malespina School Library Media Specialist
Vision of Learning in Changing World : The emergence of Authentic Pedagogues - ROZINA JUMANI , Associate Prof 
What’s Working in Online Teacher Education Courses? - Amy M. Williamson, Ed.D., Assistant Professor

Adult Education: Professional Development - Lisa Longoria, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Bridging theory and practice in global education: Implementing the Pedagogy of Plenty across disciplines through teachers’ reflections - Melda N. Yildiz
Digital Citizenship: Teacher Librarians as Information Central - Dr. Lesley Farmer, Professor of Library Media
I was just like you: my professional learning story in a changing world - Dr. Spike C. Cook
Leading Schools in a Web 2.0 World - Lesley Reilly: Online Facilitator and Course Designer
Learning Spaces in a Mobile World - Don Orth, Director of Technology
Teacher Preparation 2.0 - Kristoffer Kohl, Global Partnerships and Engagement

Building Community Through Powerful Digital Media & Story - Thom Dunks, Leadership Coach, Digital Media Advisor
DeforestACTION! A Global Learning Program for Environmental Stewardship - Sara Hassan
How Data Systems & Reports Can Either Fight or Propagate the Data Analysis Error Epidemic, and How Educator Leaders Can Help - Jenny Grant Rankin, Former Chief Education & Research Officer
Innovation in Composition through Leadership - Barbara c.g. Green, Assistant Academic Chair--Composition
Key Issues in Teacher Evaluation: Implications for Policy and Practice - Ann Gaudino, Ed.D.
Sustainable Development through a Strategic, Data-driven Approach. - Jo Wilson, EPS Co-ordinator 
“Extendiendo el Aula en Tiempo ,Modos y Espacio” - Professor Stella Maris Berdaxagar

A Call for Innovation - Karen Fasimpaur, Educational Consultant 
Digital Literacy: 'reading' the internet critically - Kay Cantwell: Education Officer, Digital Learning
DISTINGUISHED SPEAKER: Leadership 2.0 - Eric Sheninger - Principal
Employment Issues in Higher Education, Retaining Professional Viability in a Changing World - Kara Mac Donald, Assistant Professor
Mystery Skype in the Library - Toni Olivieri-Barton
Publish and Prosper: Tips on Promoting Student Generated Knowledge in the Public Sphere - Craig Perrier; High School Social Studies Specialist
Small School Big Tech: Doing More With Less In A Post Desktop World - Andrew Schwab, Director of MIS

Building Future Friendly Schools Through the Use of Collaborative Technology - Kate Gatto, Education Program Manager
Building Learning Pathways: Collaborative Project Based Learning for Any Classroom - Michele Haiken, Ed.D.
Leadership and Collaboration through Technology - Barbara c.g. Green, Assistant Academic Chair Composition Department
Learning and Leading with Emerging Technologies - Jill Berkowicz, Director of Curriculum and Instruction and EdWeek Blogger
Preparing International Students For Success After College - Michael Miller, Author and Founder
Professional Development Session for Language Teachers - Huma Roshan
Unblocked and Unfiltered: Advanced Digital Citizenship -Understanding the Importance of a Personal Web Presence - Holly Clark

CLOSING KEYNOTE: An Interview with Michael Fullan

After Party

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