Thursday, February 14, 2013

2013 School Leadership Summit - Update on the Free Virtual Conference / Submit Your Presentation Proposal!

We've started accepting proposals for the inaugural School Leadership Summit on March 28th--24 great sessions have already accepted!

If you haven't participated in one of my other massive, peer-to-peer conferences, they are a blast (they are more than MOOCs, really, maybe HOOPs? Highly Open Online and Participative conferences?). They are distinguished by their inclusiveness, their high-volunteer participation, and their community-building nature. And they are free (thanks to a terrific founding partners and sponsors, in this case TICAL).

Whether you want to present, to attend, or to support as a volunteer, please mark the date on your calendar for a full day of fun (7am - 7pm US-Pacific DST) and tell everyone you know! We will continue to accept proposal submissions until March 15th, but the sooner you get your proposal in, the sooner you will have a chance to schedule an open presentation time (we let you do that, too!) if you are accepted.

There's also time to sign up as a global advisory board member, as a partner organization, or as a sponsor. Current members, partners, and sponsors are listed on the site! We'd love your help in letting your schools, staff, networks, or PLN about the summit, and we are glad to give you good publicity in return! Our volunteer push will begin in two weeks--get your headphones ready, gang...

We're also about to announce some great keynote speakers, so be sure to sign into the Admin 2.0 network at to get more information and to receive regular notices and updates about the conference, including the final schedule of sessions and instructions for logging in the day of.

See you online!

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