Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Interview Videos from Maker Faire

EdSurge has posted some more of the interviews held at their DIY Learning Pavilion part of Maker Faire Bay Area 2012 (also see John Seely Brown's interview here).

Katie Rast of Fab Lab San Diego talks about bringing more hands on learning to higher education. She gives us the Fab Lab philosophy as well as explains how they hope to support professors who are ready to try teaching with one.

Diego Fonstad of Fab Lab Castilleja talks about introducing a Fab Lab to an all girls, grades 6-12 school. He discusses how to integrate Fab Lab into a curriculum that uses making to teach the arts and humanities in addition to STEM.

Dale Dougherty explains the value of personal projects and DIY learning as well as what the newly announced Maker Education Initiative hopes to achieve.

Torbjorn Skauli talks about kids coding and his personal experience learning to code at the EdSurge DIY Learning pavilion at Maker Faire 2012. Learn more about Scratch here:

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