Monday, October 31, 2011

The Great "Learning 2.0" Strand Brainstorm

Like the Library 2.011 and GlobalEdCon conferences, I'm planning on holding a (free) worldwide virtual Future of Education: Learning 2.0 conference January 23 - 27, 2012. When you look at the brainstorm list below for conference strands, you are probably going to react as I have: "Wow, that seems really ambitious!" However, inspired by my interview series and and consistently amazing guests, it seems like we're ready for this kind of bold event. I'm somewhat stunned by the power and potential of these events to bring together people and ideas from around the world, and I think the time is now to talk on a larger scale.

You are going to find several gaps below that largely reflect my own lack of experience in some categories. You may find other places where you disagree with my idea, or wording, or categorization (which is why I'm posting this discussion!) What would you add? What would you take away? What would you alter? I'm posting this same discussion on Google+, and feel free to answer here or there (at Google+, there's more opportunity for back-and-forth with others).

ALSO: Let me know what individuals and organizations would you want to make sure I reached out to for this event. Who would you want to make sure was participating? Who would make good partners or sponsors?

So, here's my tentative Learning 2.0 conference strand brainstorm. I've purposely left out the library and global education categories because of the other two conference. A call for proposals will go out November 15th, with rolling acceptances based on submission dates through January 10th, and applications for the international advisory board will be open at the same time (be sure to join to stay informed).

  • Classroom 2.0
    • Web 2.0 and Social media in the classroom (Blogs, Wikis, Social Networking, Podcasting, etc.)
    • 1:1 Programs: laptops, netbooks, iPads, and tablets
    • "Flipped" learning
    • Rethinking Homeworl
  • School 2.0
    • Education Reform
    • The role of business in education
    • Social media and shifts in narrative power / grassroots education change
    • Changes in school governance models
    • The impact of computer technology on administration and planning
    • Testing and assessment
    • Democratic education movements: freedom, control, and the role of schools
    • School architecture
    • Entrepreneurship for education / commercial ed tech
    • Disruptive innovation
  • Digital Learning
    • The role of social networking in education
    • Digital Portfolios
    • Program or Be Programmed (programming)
    • 21st century skills / Digital Literacies
    • The downsides of Digital
  • Teacher / Faculty 2.0
    • Personal Learning Networks
    • Social Professional Development
    • Social networking
    • Peer-generated PD
  • Student 2.0
    • Personalized / individualized learning
    • Student-directed Learning / Hacking Education / DIY
    • Student Learning Networks
    • Passion-based learning
    • Participatory learning
    • Informal learning
    • Personal Learning Plans / Learning styles
    • Authentic Learning / Apprenticeships
    • Student-generated content
    • Personal Web Presences / Personal "Branding"
  • Distance / Online Learning
    • Learning Management Systems
  • Virtual / Immersive Environments
    • Second Life
    • Virtual Reality
  • Gaming in Education
    • Games and learning
  • Pedagogy
    • The history of learning ideas
    • Reawakening alternative pedagogies
    • Great voices in education
    • The impact of technology on pedagogy
    • Progressivism, Constructivism, Constructionism, etc.
  • Mobile Learning
    • Handheld / Tablet
  • Open Learning
    • Open Education Resources
    • Open Source Software in Ed
    • Creative Commons
    • Open PD
    • Digital Textbooks
  • University / College / Higher Ed 2.0
  • Brain Research
    • Cognitive/Brain Tools (Howard Rheingold)
    • Deliberate Practice
    • Exercise and Learning
  • Alternative Education and Assessment Models
    • Homeschooling
    • Unschooling
    • Open Badges Project
  • Additional
    • The Future of Books and Reading
    • Math 2.0


  1. This looks ambitious and thorough!

  2. Iniciativas de este tipo responden a las demandas que tiene planteadas la sociedad actual respecto a la educaciĆ³n.

  3. "Learning 2.0" looks fantastic! Would like to participate - hope this is not too I can register? Thanks and hope "seeing" all at "Learning 2.0" soon!

  4. Sue Sullivan11:20 AM

    Digital dessert for the mind... love your format!


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