Thursday, September 15, 2011

Library 2.011 Conference Presentation Proposal Deadline Extended to September 25

This note is for those of you who have been following the inaugural Library 2.011 Worldwide Conference. As you know, September 15 was the deadline for submitting presentation proposals, but the number of conference site signups over the past four days has been incredible--clearly, many people are just now learning about the conference. Therefore, we’ve decided to extend the deadline for submitting a short abstract of your presentation. Speaking proposals are now due by Sunday, September 25. To view the six thought-provoking topic strands, visit:

If you already submitted your presentation proposal, we thank you for your timeliness. To show our appreciation, we will give you the choice of time slots for presenting. Proposals are currently being reviewed, and once accepted, we’ll send you an early link to the scheduling page. Then simply choose an available time slot and date, and we’ll see you online (there will be lots of training sessions in October to help you learn to use Blackboard Collaborate).

In addition to the new deadline of Sunday, September 25 for submitting proposals, here is an updated set of important dates to note:

  • September 30:  Acceptance notification of presentations that were submitted by the original deadline of September 15 will be emailed.
  • October 1:  Presentations submitted by the original deadline of September 15 will be allowed to start scheduling presentation times.
  • October 6:  Presentations submitted by the extended deadline of September 25 will be allowed to start scheduling presentation times.
  • November 2: The conference begins!

If you haven’t already done so, take a moment to look through the set of presentation proposals that have been submitted to date:

We are also very thankful for the support of our sponsor and partner organizations and everyone who has helped to spread the word about the conference.

As a reminder, this exciting event will be held online in multiple languages and time zones, and it’s free to attend! We’ll see you online November 2-3!

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