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This Week's Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Elluminate

Below are this week's public, free, and interactive Webinars through, the social learning network for education that I work on for Elluminate. The time of the events below will show up automatically in your own time zone when you are registered in LearnCentral and when you have chosen your time zone in your profile, or you can check the new event time converter on the event page. Event recordings are posted and available after the events if you aren't able to attend them live. If you are looking for an easy calendar import / RSS feed for these events, you'll now find a link on your calendar page or the calendar page of specific groups!

Be on the lookout for Australia-time-friendly events as part of the new Australia Series, Spanish-language Webinars from the Aula 2.0 Series, administrator-focused sessions from Admin 2.0, and student-oriented sessions from Students 2.0

We also hope you will consider hosting your own public webinars using the LearnCentral public room--instructions are available by joining the "Host Your Own Webinar" group on the main announcement tab (

Thanks for your attention, and see you online!

Monday, October 11th
  • 2am PDT (US) / 5am EDT (US) / 10am GMT/UTC (intl times):
    technoLanguages Live,” with host Jess McCulloch. A new series focussed on technology in the languages classroom. Take a tour of the technoLanguages community and find out what the technoLanguages Live series has to offer.”
    LearnCentral Link:
  • 10:45pm PDT (US) /1:45am EDT (US) (next day)/ 5:45am GMT/UTC (next day) (intl times):
    Join Anne Mirtschin for another session of the Tech Talk Tuesday series entitled, “Tech Talk Tuesdays: The Changing ICT Landscape.”  Have you noticed a recent change of winds blowing across the ICT landscape? Things are getting interesting as we cry out for a means of sharing information, between people and across time, space and networks. Those close at the fringes of the digital frontier are charting a different course with ICT rich classes and mLearning spaces whilst developing our personal learning networks. This presentation will consider the impact of these technologies by the presenter classroom that spans a decade of teaching. This presentation will help participants to dig about for an open future in their classrooms with portable tools such as iPads, higher order thinking by programming with Scratch and even engage senior VCE students with burning issues using glove puppets.”
    LearnCentral Link:
Tuesday, October 12th
  • 10am PDT (US) /1pm EDT (US) / 5pm GMT/UTC (intl times):
    Break Out Of The Training Box: The Six Boxes Approach To Performance Improvement,” with presenter, Carl BinderStuck as an order-taker in training and development? Do clients and
    assume that training-alone will accelerate employee performance? Even when training is a critical part of the solution, are you able to successfully collaborate with clients and stakeholders on the other factors needed to get the most return on investments in people – factors that they manage or control? Do functional silos, jargon, and methodology wars make it hard to build systemic, performance-focused interventions that make the biggest impact on results? Welcome to the “training box” – a familiar cubicle for many of us, created by barriers and communication gaps that make it harder for people in organizations to work together on performance improvement. This session introduces The Six Boxes Approach, a plain English, easy-to-understand and communicate path to performance improvement that enables anyone in any function or any level to collaborate on practical, measurable performance improvement.”
    LearnCentral Link: (pre-registration is required)
  • 4pm PDT (US) / 7pm EDT (US) / 11pm GMT/UTC (intl times): THE AUSTRALIA SERIES
    Anne Mirtschin will present Earth Science Week - Establishing a geopark in a metropolis: the Hong Kong GeoparkThis presentation is geared to students, classes and teachers and will discuss the establishment of a geopark in the metropolis of Hong Kong. Young will briefly introduce the interesting and stunning geological features of Hong Kong and tell you why a geopark is needed in such a small and densely populated international city. This will lead to discussion about the problems encountered during the process of designing and advocating his urban geopark idea. He will then highlight the principles and characteristics of Hong Kong Geopark and demonstrate how earth scientists can work together with community and government in protecting our natural environment.”
    LearnCentral Link:
  • 5pm PDT (US) / 8pm EDT (US) / 12am GMT/UTC (next day) (intl times): FUTURE OF EDUCATION SERIES
    Steve Hargadon will interview Sylvia Martinez from Generation YES as part of the series. Sylvia has been a featured speaker at national education technology conferences in areas ranging from the use of the Internet in schools, Web 2.0 technologies, student leadership, digital citizenship, project-based and inquiry-based learning with technology and gender issues in science, math, engineering and technology (STEM) education.
    LearnCentral Link:
Wednesday, October 13th
  • 3am PDT (US) / 6am EDT (US) / 10am GMT/UTC (intl times): AUSTRALIA SERIES
    eT@lking: Creative Text Response,” with host Anne MirtschinJudith Way will share examples of how students can use social media to respond creatively to texts.
    LearnCentral Link:
  • 10am PDT (US) /1pm EDT (US) / 5pm GMT/UTC (intl times):
    Cut E-Learning Development Costs With Collaborative Content Authoring,” with presenters, Connie Stevens and Thomas TateJoin RBC Bank’s Connie Stephens in a Webinar that explores how the firm saved more than $1 million in e-learning development by using collaborative content authoring tools that eliminated reliance on external resources and programmers for content creation. Stephens, together with Kaplan’s Thom Tate, will offer best practices and tips on how to use collaborative authoring to create Flash-based e-learning training content easily and cost effectively.
    LearnCentral Link: (pre-registration is required)
  • 5pm PDT (US) / 8pm EDT (US) / 12am GMT/UTC (next day) (intl times): FUTURE OF EDUCATION SERIES
    Steve Hargadon will interview Roger Schank as part of the series. Roger Schank is CEO of Socratic Arts, and describes himself as "one of the world's leading visionaries in artificial intelligence, learning theory, cognitive science, and the building of virtual learning environments."
    LearnCentral Link:
  • 5pm PDT (US) / 8pm EDT (US) / 12am GMT/UTC (next day) (intl times): MIDDLE SCHOOL PORTAL SERIES
    “Classroom-2-Classroom Collaborations,”
    with host Mary HentonThis webinar provides educators with a framework and forum that supports student learning communities around STEM concepts. Learn how to involve students in relevant, project-based learning with authentic audiences, nurture critical thinking, and facilitate the development of interpersonal and global communication skills. See examples of shared STEM projects, digital tools used for collaboration, and ways in which to immediately participate in our connected community.”
    LearnCentral Link:
  • 5:30pm PDT (US) / 9:30pm EDT (US) / 1:30am GMT/UTC (next day) (intl times): THE AUSTRALIA SERIES
    Anne Mirtschin will present “Earth Science Week -Caves and Volcanoes- Australia’s Kanawinka GeoPark“Kanawinka is the world’s largest GeoPark – humongous in comparison to all others. Kanwinka is Australia's first GeoPark. In this session, Ian Lewis will discuss what the Kanawinka Geopark is and show its caves, volcanoes, underwater sinkholes, fossils and bats. Many interesting photos and images will be shared. This session is tailored for classes of students, educationalists and those interested in earth science. Please join us for a great session!”
    LearnCentral Link:
  • 6:30pm PDT (US) / 9:30pm EDT (US) / 1:30am GMT/UTC (next day) (intl times): MATH 2.0 SERIES
    Math 2.0 weekly: Gary Stager's projects,” with host Maria Droujkova. “Join Ihor Charischak interviewing Gary Stager about The Constructivist Consortium and other future-shaping projects.
    LearnCentral Link:
Thursday, October 14th
  • 1am PDT (US) / 4am EDT (US) / 8am GMT/UTC (intl times): AUSTRALIA SERIES
    “Lean Gone Lego - a film premiere ,”
    with host Joanne Norbury. “A short stop-animation film premiere using LEGO. A visual e-learning solution for competitive manufacturing. See the film first; speak with the training team about their learning model and strategies. This film will be available FREE for learning. Made in Geelong, Australia.”
    LearnCentral Link: (1.5 hour session)
  • 10am PDT (US) / 1pm EDT (US) / 5pm GMT/UTC (intl times):
    “Solving The Crisis Of Adoption In Training: New Technologies That Turn Salespeople Into Businesspeople,”
    with presenter Marc Miller. “How do Trainers and Sales Managers guarantee that their salespeople better execute on training in the field? For instance, selling "everything on the truck" - or having richer conversations at the executive level? Impossible to quantify? Hardly. Best-selling author Marc Miller of "Selling is Dead" and "A Seat at the Table" explains how selling organizations like Johnson Controls, SAP, Fifth Third Bank, and Lincoln National are building more adaptive, agile - and smarter - sales teams through a new, inexpensive – yet highly disruptive - field technology.
    LearnCentral Link: (pre-registration required)
  • 1pm PDT (US) / 4pm EDT (US) / 8pm GMT/UTC (intl times):
    Kimberly Lightle will host a webinar entitled, “Beaks and Biomes: Integrating Science and Literacy. This life science unit uses scientific inquiry, literacy instruction, and a multigenre text set to examine adaptations, migration, and ecosystems. A unit framework can be directly incorporated into participants’ classrooms!
    LearnCentral Link:

  • 4pm PDT (US) / 7pm EDT (US) / 11pm GMT/UTC (intl times): AUSTRALIA SERIES
    Jo Hart will host another webinar of the “Edublogs - Serendipity (PD out of a blue sky). Join Jo for a fortnightly unconference sessions. Bring along the burning issues and hot topics YOU would like to discuss. You can also add topic ideas to the Wallwisher. Topic is chosen by poll at the start of the session. 
    LearnCentral Link:
  • 5pm PDT (US) / 8pm EDT (US) / 12am GMT/UTC (next day) (intl times): FUTURE OF EDUCATION SERIES
    Kathleen Cushman , author of Fires in the Mind: What Kids Can Tell Us About Motivation and Masterywill join Steve Hargadon to lead a student panel on homework as part of the series.
    LearnCentral Link:
  • 5:30pm PDT (US) / 8:30pm EDT (US) / 12:30am GMT/UTC (next day) (intl times):
    Catherine Martin will host another session in her “A Woman's Walk in Grace Study” series. “Join Catherine Martin and others worldwide for the Introduction Discussion For A Woman's Walk In Grace Study. This study is open to all who want to discover the magnificence of God's extravagant grace and experience it for themselves. You will learn that grace is God's love in action and it is "the face that love wears when it meets imperfection, weakness, failure, sin. Grace is what love does and is when it meets the sinful and undeserving.”
    LearnCentral Link:
Friday, October 15th
  • 4pm PDT (US) / 7pm EDT (US) / 11pm GMT/UTC (intl times):
    “Teaching & Learning Mathematics visually; understanding mathematical concepts for life,”
    with host Iftikhar Husain. “Using technology in math classes makes mathematics more interesting and understandable. The visual demonstration dominates the audio approach in any kind of presentation, whether it is for a classroom learning environment or business. This presentation will discuss various simple and complex mathematical concepts with visual approaches, which the presenter has used during his over 25 years of teaching experiences. A Graphing Calculator and the Software Geometer Sketchpad will be used presenting the visual approaches. The presenter will demonstrate few mathematical concepts visually and then discuss the solutions of few High School level challenging questions with animation.”
    LearnCentral Link: (1.5 hour session)
Saturday, October 16th
  • 9am PDT (US) / 12pm EDT (US) / 4pm GMT/UTC (intl times):
    “Project Based Learning and Design Thinking for K-20,” 
    with hosts Kim Caise, Lorna Costantini and Peggy GeorgeJoin the Classroom 2.0 LIVE co-hosts for a session with special guest Matt Montagne about project based learning activities and lesson design for K20 students.
    LearnCentral Link:

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