Thursday, September 30, 2010

Next Friday in Boston: Education Week Leadership Forum

I feel uncomfortable promoting an event that I am speaking at if there is a cost involved to attend, but the Education Week Leadership Forum that I'll be speaking at next week in Boston looks to be very worthwhile.  It's all-day Friday, October 8th, and the forum topic is "Unleashing Technology to Personalize Learning."

Members of my community and/or blog readers can save $100 when registering at or 50% off the walk-in rate by using the promotion code "CLSRM".  Online registration ends tomorrow.

I have two different emails from the organizers with different topic titles for my post-lunch "keynote:"  it's either "Social Media Spurs K-12 Innovation" or "School 2.0: Technology and the Future of Education." It's the same speech either way.  :)

The program starts with Karen Cator, Director of the U.S. Office of Education Technology, and also includes Liz Pape, Richard Ferdig, Tom Vander Ark, Joel Rose, Tracy Gray, Steven Anderson, Alice Barr, Eric Klopfer, and a student panel moderated by Michelle R. Davis.  The Washington, DC version of the event is next Tuesday, and has a similarly interesting set of speakers.  Worth checking out, I hope.

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