Thursday, August 12, 2010

Get a free copy of David Wood's book by attending the webinar tonight

While I don't want to set a precedent here, if you attend my interview tonight with David Wood he's said that he'll give you a free copy of his book, Get Paid for Who You Are.

I want to put this in context.  I think it's actually a very interesting book, and a fascinating topic:  working in a world which increasingly allows the following of passionate interests. I think this has pretty significant ramifications for education--not just the degree to which entrepreneurial skills might or should be taught, but to what degree individualized interest should guide a student's educational path.

However, David is a businessman, and while I really appreciate the transparency with which he operates and tells the story, know that his offer to give you a free book is not entirely selfless--he's hoping you'll hook into the services his organization provide.   That's certainly not my interest, but getting a free book is usually a good thing so I want to encourage you to take advantage of it if you are interested in the topic. You'll be able to download the book in electronic form, or he'll send you the physical copy if you pay shipping and handling.

The interview details, with instructions for attending, are at this blog post.

UPDATE:  The link for the free book is  Not sure how long that will be valid.  To not have to give a credit card number, I'm told you select the ebook version and choose $0 donation.

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